Past Delhi Event: VOL 22

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VOL 22

October 24, 2013
@ Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation

Through the last two centuries, modern medicine has made dramatic changes to our lifespan and to the quality of our lives. Through fundamental science, through new clinical practices, through new technologies and new technical capabilities, we have gradually changed our way of understanding not only disease, but also wellness. 

But not all of us have benefitted equally. And in many cases the costs of new medical techniques and technologies means that they can only be made available asymmetrically, first to those who can pay for them. The medical doctors and technologists at the Stanford India Biodesign program are dedicated to using design approaches to create new affordable medical technologies that can be most beneficial in the Indian context. 

Modern lifestyles, with long commutes, continuous connectivity, industrial-age diets, moreover, pose new challenges about how to live long and prosper. The solutions to the challenges of wellness, therefore, will come from an integrated approach to the design of modern lifestyles, which will encompass our homes, our cities, our transportation systems and our communications and leisure facilities. All these topics are also part of our topics this time, Well by Design. 

Nine experts and thought leaders, drawn from medical technology, public health, as well as general leisure and lifestyle design will talk about new developments in their respective areas that can promote health and wellness in contemporary India. 

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