Past Delhi Event: VOL 20

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VOL 20

August 29, 2013
@ Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation

We use the term value in two surprisingly contradictory ways in our everyday life: on the one hand, we speak of our valuables, market valuation, and other forms of economic worth. On the other hand we also speak of social, cultural and moral values. In generations past it was more or less accepted that these two forms of value could not be reconciled. The things one had to do to create economic value would simply remain in tension or opposition with one’s personal or familial values. Increasingly, however, we see that young people in India and around the world are trying to bring these two kinds of value in an alignment with one another.

Since the establishment of numerous social venture funds over the past decade, we have seen the world of social entrepreneurship explode. Many new startups and social enterprises are making waves in India, Africa, Europe and the United States. Even national governments are beginning to make further investments into private ventures that are committed to doing well while also doing good.

Have we truly reached the point where economic value = social value? Or is further innovation in policy making, regulation and market maturity going to be required to ensure that we get there? Do different people, from different walks of life see value in increasingly similar terms? Or do can we now see new grades and shades of meaning in this term, as it splinters between financial, macroeconomic, environmental, political and cultural dimensions.

This is the theme for our upcoming Pecha-Kucha Night at the Adianta School Campus at Chhattarpur in New Delhi. We will host eight path-breaking speakers who will speak for seven minutes each, using 20 slides for 20 seconds per slide, exactly. It will be a memorable night of beer, momos, sound, light, thought and conversation.

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