Past Delhi Event: VOL 16

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VOL 16

February 28, 2013
@ Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation

Over the last few years, more and more young people have been gravitating towards entrepreneurship rather than traditional forms of employment. More people are willing to risk their time, energy and money to do something they are passionate about rather than look for a stable job in an established organization. And that has meant that an increasing number of talented, driven people have come up with radical, transformative ideas and established imaginative and inventive businesses of all kinds. This wave of entrepreneurship spans all sectors, from online retail, design and music to farming, banking, and even bakeries and nightclubs.

This shift towards startups and entrepreneurship is now more important than ever, given today’s unstable economic climate. The Indian economy needs innovative startups not only to come about but also to grow and succeed. Our society is slowly but surely beginning to become less risk-averse and more willing to accept innovative startups as ‘real jobs’. But what is it that separates the entrepreneurs from the non-entrepreneurs? What makes an entrepreneur decide to follow his or her vision? How does an entrepreneur navigate all the hurdles of starting and running their own business? And how easy or problematic is it to be working for yourself?

This Pecha Kucha Night hopes to initiate a conversation around these questions by bringing together a range of representatives from India’s entrepreneurial community. Speakers will include entrepreneurs who work in fields as wide ranging as music, organic farming, online retail, education apps, art and craft artifacts, restaurants, design and much more, as well as mentors, advisors and curators of India’s entrepreneurial culture.

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