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Fools Rush In

@ VOL 40 ON SEP 12, 2019

Matt Sauer is an architect.

Jill Davis is a writer.

They both do tons of volunteer work for their neighborhoods and their city.

They love PK Dayton, and were both in the room at its joyful birth ten years ago. They're hear to tell you about it.


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We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For

@ VOL 40 ON SEP 12, 2019

Amaha Sellassie is a peacebuilder, social healer, practitioner scholar, freedom fighter, community organizer and lover of humanity.  He’s an Assistant Professor in Sociology and director of Center for Applied Social Issues (CASI) at Sinclair Community College along with being President of the Gem City Market and cofounder/ executive director of West Dayton Strong a free STEAM centered after school/summer program in Desoto Bass.  As a pan Africanist practitioner scholar he Is dedicated towards building bridges of trust, healing historical wounds, and harnessing the unique gifts and talents of every human being as we press towards a just and equitable society.

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My Two Hours as a Federal Fugitive

@ VOL 40 ON SEP 12, 2019

For the past 22-plus years, Kristen Wicker has lived, worked and played in downtown Dayton. Working as a reporter, teacher, PR flak and, now, as the marketing manager for Five Rivers MetroParks, Kristen has been lucky to help promote the many things that make Dayton original, fun and just plain cool. Kristen holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from UD, but even a so-called smarty pants can get swindled. Recounting one of her most embarrassing moments (and those of you who’ve met Kristen know this is saying something), here’s Kristen Wicker with “My Two Hours as a Federal Fugitive (or: Never Return a Call from the Social Security Administration),” with illustrations by Josh Koenig.

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As NEVER Seen on TV

@ VOL 40 ON SEP 12, 2019

Jacobee Rose Buchanan moved back to Ohio from a city of perpetual renters. Her HGTV-obsessed mom bought a house that had more issues than she could handle. Jacobee decided to save the project with her DIY spirit and plucky-can-do attitude. These are some lessons learned while renovating a house that’s no one’s dream.


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The Secret Life of Barbie

@ VOL 40 ON SEP 12, 2019

Samantha Enslen is a Dayton native. As a child, she spent her winters at the Salem Mall and summers at the Trotwood pool. Today, manages three children and runs Dragonfly Editorial.

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I Refuse to Apologize for Being a Strong Black Woman in the 21st Century

@ VOL 40 ON SEP 12, 2019

Phillitia Charlton is an educator, executive life coach, storyteller and survivor. From seven foster care placements, to becoming the first principal of a dropout recovery alternative school to be named a National Urban School of Excellence before age 40, Phillitia has always been resilient and determined to make every moment count.  Phillitia was recently awarded The Montgomery County Artist Opportunity Grant to turn her book the Death of a Lie into a Play.

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"But Is It Art?"

@ VOL 40 ON SEP 12, 2019

Terry Welker is an architect and a sculptor. He is most recently known to our community for his installation of Fractal Rain at the Dayton Metro Library and Constellation at Children’s Hospital. In 2016 Terry was elevated to the American Institute of Architect’s College of Fellows for his advancements in the world of art and architecture. His home and studio are in Kettering where he serves as the City of Kettering’s Chief Building Official.


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@ VOL 40 ON SEP 12, 2019

Lisa Grigsby came to Dayton 28 years ago on a 90 consulting gig, bought a comedy club, founded Dayton’s Restaurant Week, lead Dayton Brew Tours and and plans some of Dayton’s Coolest Fundraisers, including the one that served as the debut of The Grande Hall we’re in tonight. All these adventures have qualified her to become the Greater Dayton Film Commission, where she works to get films made here.


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Philanthropy Connects Us All

@ VOL 40 ON SEP 12, 2019

Yvette Kelly-Fields is a nonprofit and fund raising executive with more than 20 years of experience raising lots of money. Currently, she serves as the Director of Major and Corporate Gifts at Central State University. Helping people connect their desire to change the world through giving, is her life’s work.


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40 Shades of L’Oreal

@ VOL 40 ON SEP 12, 2019

Mary Sander’s tipping point was when she turned 40, at which time she turned that corner of being married for longer than she was single.  We have enjoyed Mary’s experiences during her previous three Dayton PK talks. In honor of PK’s 40th volume, Mary is going to share with us some of her life lessons from her 40s.

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Too Pretty to be Empty: The Grande Hall Story

@ VOL 40 ON SEP 12, 2019

Jenna Kreitzer worked her way up from bank teller, to manager, to commercial property management for Liberty Savings Bank. As building manager, she became an amateur historian, delving into the building’s history books discovering stories and photos not seen in decades. From the first time she heard her late grandfather’s stories about taking Orville Wright on a tour of NCR on the pay day cart, she’s been fascinated by local Dayton history, and now she’s excited to be a part of it.

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What's Your Why?

@ VOL 39 ON APR 25, 2019

Matthew Brandeberry has been influenced by people seeking to change the world around them in powerful ways. Through storytelling and creating experiences, he has sought to find out how much more we can accomplish when we come together. Here, Matthew explores the value of taking a look at what drives you by taking a look at what motivates those around you. Take the time ask yourself, What’s your Why?