Past Dayton Event: VOL 38

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VOL 38

February 07, 2019
@ Dayton Art Institute

We're excited to kick off our 10th year and DAI's 100th with a fun night of 20x20s. Celebrate "Arts and Anniversaries" with PK's 38th group of speakers:

Emcees Lauren and Andrew White

April M. Alford - Black Heritage Through Visual Rhythms
Nicholaus Arnold - Trying to Fit Art on a Wall
Deborah Dixon - How to Throw a Curve
Amanda Grieve - The Scientific Narrative of Leonardo’s Last Supper
Lindsay Gustafson - Teaching the Arts: Fashion Edition
Glenna Jennings - At Table: Finding Family Through Photography
Sierra Leone - Beyond My Travels
Jes McMillan - Community Artreach
Michael R. Roediger - The DAI - Our Rich History and Our Bright Tomorrow
Jerry N. Smith - Inside Look at Art Exhibitions

Speaker order will be announced at the event.

6:30 p.m. Cash bar opens
7:00 p.m. Auditorium doors open
7:30 p.m. PKs begin

PechaKucha Dayton is a free quarterly idea-sharing party and networking event for adults. PechaKucha, pronounced Pe - Chak - cha, Japanese for “chit chat,” is a fast-paced style of presenting using 20 slides discussed for 20 seconds each (20x20). The event is free to attend but donations will help us continue.

PechaKucha started in Tokyo in February 2003 by Klein Dytham Architecture. Dayton is one of over 1,000 official PK cities. We host a PK four times a year, attracting about 300 attendees to each event.

PK Dayton is sponsored locally by Catapult Creative, Michael Kalter LLC, Dragonfly Editorial and Oregon Printing Communications. It's a volunteer-run event by local organizers Jason, Katy, Mike and Shayna. We hope to see you at the next #PechaKucha!

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The DAI - Our Rich History and Our Bright Tomorrow

@ VOL 38 ON FEB 07, 2019

A native of Dayton, Michael Roediger is the first Director born and raised in the region. Working with the amazing Dayton Art Institute team, Michael has led charge to pay of more than $16 million in debt; received nearly $4 million in State Capital Appropriations funding and raised more $15 million in Centennial funding all while caring for our iconic museum and collection. Michael is a champion of the arts and Dayton.

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The Scientific Narrative of Leonardo’s Last Supper

@ VOL 38 ON FEB 07, 2019

Amanda Grieve is a graduate of Wright State University, recently earning her BFA with a focus in studio painting. She is the new Gallery Director at the Dayton Society of Artists and is thrilled to be part of the great art scene in Dayton. Amanda hopes you’ll be as enthralled with art history as she is. The Scientific Narrative of Leonardo’s Last Supper is an introduction to Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. It delves into how and why Leonardo created it, looking at conventions during the Renaissance and Leonardo’s desire to elevate the status of painting. It argues that Leonardo was using every ounce of his intellect in the creation of this wonderful painting.

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At Table: Finding Family Through Photography

@ VOL 38 ON FEB 07, 2019

Glenna Jennings is an artist, photographer and educator from San Diego, CA. She is also an assistant professor at the University of Dayton. She teaches courses in photography and art and social practice, with an emphasis on food justice and social equity. Jennings presented her images of folks eating and drinking around the world from her series At Table. These photographs have, in a sense, become the record of a stand-in, extended family scattered around the globe. 

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How to Throw a Curve

@ VOL 38 ON FEB 07, 2019

Deborah Dixon's art has brought large women out of the closet since the early 80's. She draws, paints and sculpts full-figured females as a way of self-healing, rebellion, and to make a social statement that all bodies are beautiful and amazing. Through her large, brightly colored paintings and sensuously drawn images, viewers are encouraged to confront their prejudices, assumptions and messages about being fat in our culture. For those who are large themselves, her work is often empowering, and a chance to see themselves as beautiful, and complete as they are.

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Trying to Fit Art on a Wall

@ VOL 38 ON FEB 07, 2019

Nicholaus Arnold is a semi-conceptual artist, semi-conceptual curator, and semi conceptual educator from Dayton, Ohio. He currently runs The Blue House Gallery with his partner Ashley and is the galleries coordinator for University of Dayton. Nicholaus’ presentation is about his life as an artist and trying to fit unorthodox art works into a gallery setting.

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Inside Look at Art Exhibitions

@ VOL 38 ON FEB 07, 2019

Dr. Jerry N. Smith is Chief Curator at the Dayton Art Institute. Previously working at Phoenix Art Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Florida, Jerry has curated more than 50 art exhibitions of diverse artists and subjects, ranging from Leonardo da Vinci to Andy Warhol, and video installations to Classical Guitars.

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Black Heritage Through Visual Rhythms

@ VOL 38 ON FEB 07, 2019

April Alford has been a Dayton resident for a little over 18 years. April is the founder of Welcome Home Dayton, and Vice-President of the African American Visual Artists Guild’s Board of Trustees. April is an avid volunteer, and lover of all things crafty. The African American Visual Artists Guild has been in existence for 25 years, but is not well known in the Dayton area. 

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Teaching the Arts: Fashion Edition

@ VOL 38 ON FEB 07, 2019

Lindsay Gustafson has taught art for 17 years at Kettering Middle School. Besides a passion for teaching the arts, she loves her hubby, seeing live music, travelling and playing lots of tennis.

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Community Artreach

@ VOL 38 ON FEB 07, 2019

Jes McMillan is a local artist activist and founder of The Mosaic Institute of Greater Dayton nonprofit arts organization. Jes has worked with the communities of Dayton and beyond for over 10 years bringing thousands of people together with collaborative art. She is curator of The McMillan Gallery and Creative Director at tend&flourish on Brown Street.

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Beyond My Travels

@ VOL 38 ON FEB 07, 2019

Sierra Leone loves to travel & spending time with her family. She is a writer and the President and Artistic Director of OFP Theatre Company. Her work with youth arts organizations, schools, and community organizations has been ongoing through her company’s educational arm, Signature Educational Solutions. In recognition of her work, Sierra was a 2018 Ohio Governor's Award recipient.

Registration Specialist, Montgomery County Board of Elections in Dayton
Jerry Smith
curator, Dayton Art Institute in Dayton
Amanda Grieve
Gallery Director, Dayton Society of Artists in Dayton
Lindsay Gustafson
Art Educator Middle School, Kettering City Schools in Kettering
Sierra Leone
in Dayton
Deborah Dixon
in Dayton
Jes McMillan
in Dayton