Past Dayton Event: VOL 36

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VOL 36

September 13, 2018
@ Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

Between sets of speakers, enjoy a PK networking break with beer, wine and other refreshments. As always, PK is free to attend and donations are welcome.

Doors open at 7 p.m. 

Speakers will share stories, expertise, and personal history in the fast-paced PK fashion. Jason Antonick of the PK planning team will emcee. 

PK36 Speakers and Topics
(speaker order to be determined)

Jill E. Krieg-Accrocco - What Kind of Museum is This?
Namita Patel - Big Footprints in Tiny Spaces: Apartment-Steading
Matthew Sliver - 3 Years, 800 Volunteers and 100 Tons of Trash Later
Karen Jeffers-Tracy - Key Concepts Most People Don't Understand About Climate Science
Sarah Rugwiro - Gone Without a Trace
Greg Palkowski - Advances in Stem Cell Therapy
Heather Schieman - My Dayton History

Thank you to Boonshoft Museum of Discovery for hosting volume 36! Special thanks to our sponsors Catapult CreativeDragonfly Editorial, Michael Kalter, and Oregon Printing Communications. Cheers to Liftoff Entertainment - DJ & Photo Booth Services for running sound and Knack Creative for photography. Thanks also to Paula Willmot Kraus for the striking poster art.

PechaKucha Dayton is a volunteer-run event by local organizers Jason, Katy, Ryan and Shayna. We hope to see you at the next #PechaKucha!

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Advances in Stem Cell Therapies

@ VOL 36 ON SEP 13, 2018

Dr. Gregory Palkowski has practiced in Beavercreek, OH for over 35 years. He is the Clinic Director of a multidisciplinary, group practice that specializes in Physical Medicine, Weight Loss and Regenerative Medicine. He has been married for almost 40 years, two adult children, and three grandchildren.

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What Kind of Museum is This?

@ VOL 36 ON SEP 13, 2018

Jill E. Krieg-Accrocco is the Curator of Anthropology and Exhibitions for the Dayton Society of Natural History as well as an Adjunct Instructor for Wright State University.  She received an MA in Anthropology from Indiana University and is a Registered Professional Archaeologist. Did I see her name in the credits for Raiders of the Lost Arc?! Her current work focuses on interactive exhibition design/project management and her primary research focus is prehistoric ceramics.

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Key Concepts Most People Don't Understand About Climate Science

@ VOL 36 ON SEP 13, 2018

Karen Jeffers-Tracy is a loving grandma, a caring librarian, an enthusiastic Climate Educator and Researcher, with many years as a Conflict-Resolution-Professional-Mediator.  Astonished by a lack of public URGENCY to ACT on CLIMATE, Karen set out to pinpoint exactly WHAT people don’t YET understand. She initiated climate conversations and listened to two new people a week, EACH week, for two years. Here’s what she found out.

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Gone Without a Trace

@ VOL 36 ON SEP 13, 2018

Sarah L. Rugwiro is going to share with us her story of the devastating loss she suffered when her husband Julius went missing in East Africa in 2015. He was an outspoken critic of the Rwandan President, Paul Kagame and specifically shedding light to the human rights violations being carried out against Hutu refugees of the Rwandan genocide. As soon as Julius arrived on African soil he vanished without a trace leaving behind a family with nothing but unanswered questions and only speculation of what became of him.

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3 Years, 800 Volunteers and 100 Tons of Trash Later

@ VOL 36 ON SEP 13, 2018

Matthew Sliver is the Principal of Catapult Creative, a board and committee member for numerous local organizations, and one of the founders of Dayton Inspires. In his talk, 3 Years, 800 Volunteers and 100 Tons of Trash Later, Matthew will talk about how this grassroots campaign went from a mural in the Oregon District to one of the leading organizations for the local cleanup initiative and a movement of community pride for the Dayton residents.

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Big Footprints in Tiny Spaces: Apartment-Steading

@ VOL 36 ON SEP 13, 2018

Namita Patel is a software engineer in Dayton, by day.  At home and in the community, she looks to re-imagine and test ways we can live in greater harmony with other people, plants and animals in our ecosystem. Namita has been experimenting with homesteading in an apartment for the past few years; and aims to live a life more in alignment with her values.

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One Family's Memories: 100 years of our Dayton Stories

@ VOL 36 ON SEP 13, 2018

Heather Schieman the last in Dayton to bare her family name, is a 5th generation Daytonian who has a strong love of this city, not only for what it is today, but for its rich history and past.  A resident of South Park, employee of UD, and frequent visitor of Ghostlight and Warped Wing, Heather is constantly creating her own Dayton stories just a stones throw away from where her family's story first began.  

Namita Patel
in Dayton
Matthew Sliver
CEO/President, Catapult Creative in Dayton
Sarah Rugwiro
in Dayton