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PKN Dawson Vol. 1

Even a town with a population of 1,500 isn't too small for a healthy dose of PechaKucha Night action, and that's just what Yukon's Dawson City was able to enjoy last week for the first time. Organizer Michael Edwards reports.

PKN Dawson City #1 was an incredible experience, with a capacity house that raved about the event afterwards.

Two things to know about Dawson City: there is a population of 1500, and people always (always) show up late for events. And yet, on Friday night, there was a line-up at the door by 19:30! We ended up with an audience of about 75, which is amazing for a new event in a town of this size -- most of the audience had never even heard of PechaKucha.

Every presenter did an amazing job. There were lots of laughs, some beautiful images, and a bunch of new ideas to think about. The room was packed, the energy was great, and we sold every drop of beer and wine.

As organizers, the most satisfying thing about the night was seeing the audience realize that anyone can get up there and be a PKN presenter. People really understood the appeal of the 20 X 20 format, and are looking forward to the next event.

PKN Dawson City #2 is scheduled for late June, 2009.

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