Past Coventry Event: VOL 38

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VOL 38

July 20, 2019
@ Shop Front Theatre

In times where the news is dominated by human disconnections, we get together for a Pecha Kucha Night exploring and celebrating what human beings, as a species, can achieve when we join together.

We're inviting speakers to use this quote from Helen Keller as a starting point: "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much".


Presentations include:

In Keeping Busy, comms specialist Casey Leaver tells the story of what she learnt while she was between roles and volunteering at Coventry Foodbank last winter - an insight into how foodbank works and how to be a good ally.

In Sherbourne Fields Challenges, Charlie and Jake talk about their experience of the Sherbourne Challenges and how, with the support and help of friends, family & staff, Jake has completed 7 amazing challenges that he would never otherwise have done.

In 2004 a Tsunami in the Indian Ocean devastated the coastal areas of 14 countries including Sri Lanka. In Being part of a Global Village Team Jen Cooke describes how she volunteered to be part of a global village team led by Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild a home but ended up building a brand new self.

Gareth Withers - The Choir - the proven antidote to loneliness.

Bengy Jake Speer - Singular Goals.

In A Growing Concern, Lisa explores the power of growing food, both as an individual & as part of a community. She hopes to challenge the theme that "alone we can do so little", instead arguing that "no one is too small to make a difference".

Edward Spence on How does this apply to science?


This Pecha Kucha Night is brought to you in association with Grapevine, an organisation working to combat isolation in Coventry.

Casey Leaver
internal communications / employee engagement / change communications/ words / writing/ editing/ proofreading, Show Don't Tell Communications Ltd in COVENTRY
Charlie Davies
Teacher, Sherbourne Fields School in Coventry
Bengy Jake Speer
in Coventry
Jen Cooke
Community Organiser, Grapevine in Coventry
Lisa Franklin
Live Artist in Coventry