Past Coventry Event: VOL 37

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VOL 37

May 08, 2019
@ PVC Priory Visitor Centre


Pecha Kucha Coventry in May is curated by Food Covolution, who tirelessly champion good indie food and drink in the city and push us to be more adventurous and discerning with what we consume! Stella has spoken at PKN Cov a couple of times, and for this special PKN she is drawing on her foodie knowledge of the city to bring us an evening of presentations on the (very loose) theme of Food for Thought.

Expect food producers, cooks and artists talking about what gives them food for thought.

Presentations will include:

In 'Food in Coventry: 2021 ready?', Stella from Food Covolution examines whether Coventry's eating-out scene is ready for the challenge of UK City of Culture 2021.

'When guest becomes host – the stories behind Arabian Bites' Arabian Bites is a restaurant serving delicious Arabic Mezze.  The people who prepare, cook and serve the food are all refugees and have escaped from places such as Syria, Iraq and Sudan.  Liz Jackson talks about their passion to build a new life in the UK and share their food culture.

In Proof Bakery: A foodie start-up story Baker and social entrepreneur Chernise describes how her refugee-employing, community-supported sourdough bakery got going, how it's grown and what she's learnt in the last 18 months. 

Emilie Dentz from Millie's Kitchen will talk about how a French food lover that turned her passion into a business, by re-introducing traditional recipes with a twist, into street food with real ingredients, cooked in real time and took Coventry by the belly!

Coffee By Kings is a coffee brand inspired and working with small scale farmers in Zimbabwe. We are committed to ensuring the farmers get the best possible price for their passion and dedication to a perfect cup of coffee. Our coffee shop Changamiri Coffee House is the face of these farmers on the high street and in Farmer to Cup and a whole latte love, Hillary Chindodo tells us all about it.

In Cook With Me? Carmen Wong, a curiously hungry nomad and artist-researcher shares stories of the many times she's guilessly (shamelessly?) invited herself to dinner for art's sake. From these cook-along meals, conversations, and a perspective of food as marvelously plastic, personal, and political, she concocts participatory events that invite convivial listening, sharing, spitting, food-making and occasionally, eating.
In Food & Drink is more than Fuel for the Body, Ellie McCann and Flo Swann introduce their own food and drink businesses and their City of Culture funded project Tales from Coventry Tables which will be working with food organisations and individuals across Coventry for the next 12 months.
Charlie and Marisa are both primary school teachers who found a shared passion for all things eco-friendly and sustainable. They wanted to be able to shop plastic free so much they started their own mobile shop, Zero, in October 2018. You can catch them all over Warwickshire at their pop ups and concessions. Their talk is a whistle-stop tour of how we can all try to become a little bit plastic free.
Bun in the Oven - In knead of assistance!: Matt’s going to be a new dad! Hooray! Get the party streamers and the celebratory cake at the ready. Whilst you’re at it throw in some sleepless nights, baby bottles and questions about how exactly you change a nappy. Then move onto the bigger stuff, ask yourself what future may bring: climate change, food security, financial stability and healthcare. Is this all a recipe for disaster? Can we overcome this (eton) mess of a future... it’s food for thought. (Matt is the Marketing Officer at Coventry City of Culture Trust. He’s a fan of white chocolate twixs, terrible indie-pop music and long walks on the beach. Oh, and he’s a father to be.)
Getting to the core of it! Jon Burgess shares how your bodies microbiome influences the way you look, feel and function each day
Cultivate//Connect//Change Imagine a language that can cut across all cultural and social differences. A language that is flexible enough to capture our subtle differences, but powerful enough to move each and every one of us. Christine Eade talks about how The Pod Café with its Food Union – as the name implies – uses the simple power and language of food to bring people together, to find more sustainable ways of producing and eating food, but also of thinking about and enacting community and civic identity. We Cultivate, We Connect, We Change.


Stella Backhouse
in Coventry
Jon Burgess
Wellbeing Coach and Speaker in Leamington Spa
Charlie Demetriou
Plastic Free Shop Owner, Zero Store in Coventry
Liz Jackson
Priest and Restaurateur in Coventry
Carmen Wong
Artist Researcher in Coventry
Ellie McCann
Bespoke Caterer and Food Artist , self employed in Coventry
Matt Fife
Marketing Officer, Coventry City of Culture Trust in Coventry
Rachel Ward
Lapsed Teacher in Coventry
Chernise Neo
Social Entrepreneur/Baker, Proof Bakery in Coventry