Past Coventry Event: Life's fragile patterns

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Life's fragile patterns

June 29, 2017
@ The Tin Music & Arts, Canal Basin Vaults

Life's fragile patterns

Scientists all over the world spend their days frantically shuffling about the laboratory, mixing a little bit of this, with a little bit of that, a sprinkle of those, and a pinch of the other..... but what are they really up to? 

Come and listen to scientists from the University of Warwick, and around the world, talk about their weird and wonderful research in trying to uncover life's inner workings.

Algis Toleikis - "Driverless cars inside our cells"

In Driverless Cars Inside Our Cells, Researcher Algis Toleikis from the University of Warwick talks about the fascinating "city-like" world in our cells and how things are transported there. Molecular motors being only a little-tiny protein molecules are absolutely crucial to ensure this transport is performed fluently and cargoes reach the destination. Molecular motors have no brains, but somehow know what and where and when to transport...

Gokhan Tut - "How to make a chicken do the splits"

In "How to make a chicken do the splits", PhD student from the University of Warwick Gokhan Tut explains why we need to study chickens that are particularly prone to doing the splits, and how to avoid this in the future. 

Jerome Charmet - "The SOLID process"

In "The SOLID process", researcher Jerome Charmet from the University of Warwick talks about how to use liquids as building blocks for smart micro-devices.

Oded Rechavi - "Inherited memories"

In "Inherited memories", Oded Rechavi from Tel Aviv University talks about how our physical experiences, for example our diet, or responses to stress, should not affect the next generations, yet research with tiny organisms suggest it could be otherwise....

Robert Dallmann - "Dosing-Time Makes the Poison"

In “Dosing-Time Makes the Poison”, chronobiologist Robert Dallmann from the University of Warwick  will explain why taking headache tablets before going out for a night about town might make sense, and what biological clocks have to do with it. 

Andrew Bowman - "Accidental Brilliance"

In "Accidental Brilliance", Andrew Bowman from the University of Warwick talks about how discoveries by scientists working in obscure research areas 50 years ago is affecting our lives today.

Nick Sillett - "They're comin' out of the kitchen!"

Nick from the University of Warwick explores how yeast have moved from helping us bake bread and brew beer to fighting on the front-lines against cancer.

Meera Unnikrishnan  - 'Hide and Seek'

Researcher from the University of Warwick Meera Unnikrishnan talks to us about superbugs and the devious tricks they play on our cells.

Ferenc Mueller - Cracking the codes of building a human body

Ferenc from the University of Birmingham will talk about how do our genes get switched on at the right place and the right time to build our brain and other organs of our body? Where are the codes written in our DNA which function as gene switches, and how can we crack these codes?

Jane Mellor - STOP that clock!

In "STOP that clock!" Jane Mellor from the University of Oxford will be talking about our fragile hold on life, why we age and how understanding the inner working's of the cell may help us have a healthy old age. 

Munehiro Asally - Lessons from bacteria

Munehiro is from the University of Warwick and will talk about the art of resolving conflicts that we learned from bacteria.

The event is free entry (funded by the University of Warwick) and food will be provided.


Andrew Bowman
Scientist, University of Warwick in Coventry
Algis Toleikis
scientist, University of Warwick in Coventry
Robert Dallmann
Chronobiologist, Universtity of Warwick in Coventry
Oded Rechavi
PI, Tel Aviv University in Tel Aviv
Jérôme Charmet
Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering, Unversity of Warwick in Coventry
Gokhan Tut
PhD Student, Warwick University
Nick Sillett
PhD Researcher, University of Warwick in Coventry
Jane Mellor
Scientist, University of Oxford in Oxford
Meera Unnikrishnan
Assistant Professor in Molecular Bacteriology, University of Warwick
Munehiro Asally
Assistant Professor, University of Warwick in Coventry