Past Coventry Event: VOL 15

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VOL 15

October 04, 2013
@ The Tin Music & Arts, Canal Basin Vaults

Pecha Kucha Night Coventry Volume 15 will be part of The Tin's Japan Festival and so there will be FREE ENTRY.


Atma Singh on post-Tsunami; Nikki Pugh on random walking in Tokyo; Julia Negus on the Theatre Absolute 100 Project; Matt Maccauley on the Pluspace Project; Laura Elliott on Popple & her 30th anniversary;Richard Tomlins on what Far Gosford Street means to him; Steve Compton on what Far Gosford Street means to *him*; and someone tbc on the Charterhouse project.

Our PK is part of The Tin's Japanese Culture Festival:

More details here

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After the Indonesian Tsunami

@ VOL 15 ON OCT 04, 2013

Atma Singh recounts through photography his experiences visiting Sri Lanka after the Indonesian tsunami. In particular, he took pictures of the kids he found in a former capital city where 60% of the population died.

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29 Not-Quite-Random Walks Around Tokyo

@ VOL 15 ON OCT 04, 2013

Nikki Pugh was an exchange student near Tokyo and was shocked by how people in Japan give directions. They draw maps using the train station as the starting point. This gave her the idea to collect postcards with maps on them, cut out all of the text, and then go on an adventure to discover what those places were. She did this at each of the 29 stations along the Yamanote train line.

Laura Elliott
Artist, Artspace in Coventry
Julia O'Connell
visible maker/theatre producer/actor in Coventry
Matthew Macaulay
Painter, Matthew Macaulay in Coventry & London
Nikki Pugh
in Birmingham