Coming Up in 2016


Before Christmas the PechaKucha Coventry team got together for our AGM… we’re calling it that… though mainly it consisted of us eating at Habibi’s, drinking herbal tea’s and having a good natter. But, in amongst all that, we’ve also managed to set up plans for the next year of PKN Events. And we are really spoiling you with six thought provoking events lined up to get you talking, thinking and drinking! [our aims for all of the PKN Nights].

The first event is drawing ever closer; in celebration of that extra day we’ve earnt this leap year, on Sat 20th February, we present What I Would Do With an Extra Day. An opportunity to think about/imagine what we could achieve with a whole extra 24 hours in our year. I could think of a million things I could do (sure would love an extra day for this damn Tax Return). As always PKN takes place at The Tin Music and Arts Venue which is at Coventry’s Canal Basin, and PKN Nights are just £5 entrance. 

[The event on 20th is also a part of the Global PKN, meaning that there will be hundreds of PKNs happening at the same time all over the world. Be a part of it!]

And if you love that one, you’ll be happy to know that you wont have much longer to wait till the next one. On Tues 1st March Talking Birds, as part of their Twin Story project are hoping to connect artists in Coventry with artists in our twin city of Volgograd (Former Stalingrad) for a cross country PKN My City : My Art. This event will particularly appeal to those with an interest in the arts and the nature of town twinning.

And as if that weren’t enough, the rest of the year leaves just as much to look forward to:

Tues 3rd May - My Favourite Things

Tues 5th July - My City of Culture

Tues 4th July - Lost in Music

Tues 6th Dec - What would you like for Christmas? 

And, if you wish to talk at any of these PKN Coventry events then please send us a message through the CONTACT PAGE. Scroll down to find Coventry in the city box and then your message will come straight through to us.

We hope to see you at as many of them as you can make.

The PKN Coventry Team