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February 27th - BEGINNING

It's been a while, but here we are in 2019. A new beginning you might say. So that's it...beginnings. Tell us about something you started, why - and how it turned out. Or tell us about your plans for the new year - maybe your new beginning hasn't yet begun?


We're looking for speakers - get in touch!

Confirmed so far:

Sarah Meharg - Beginnings of a business

How a non risk taking, clumsy control freak has ended up as a self employed personal trainer 
Sarah Lowry - Taking a leap into the unknown
Sarah will be talking about the new beginnings she has recently created for herself. Leaving her perfectly respectable job for an unknown future, Sarah found herself walking up a mountain hanging from the tail of a horse. tiling a bathroom in a pine forest, painting Santa's sledge in a London warehouse and learning how to build a fire in a primary school. What happens next is still unknown. Join Sarah whilst she talks you through the beginnings of her leap.
Aaron Ashmore - A pin-terview about a fresh start
Local entrepreneur Aaron Ashmore explains why launching a series of pin badges celebrating Coventry marked a new start after leaving the NHS after 10 years.
Lanchester Interactive Archive - InFredible!

When Frederick Lanchester left his studies at the Normal School of Science in London in 1885, he had no job and no formal qualifications. But a move to the Midlands, a little help from his two brothers, and a ton of scientific talent ensured that he would go down in history as one of the most innovative inventors of the 20thcentury. InFredible! is the story of Coventry’s maddest unsung genius and of a groundbreaking multimedia project dedicated to restoring his legacy. 

Kerry Blakeman - Droning on

Coventry the birthplace of the pedal cycle, home to the inventor of the jet engine, a forward thinking, innovative City you would think? Coventry City Council wants to ban the recreational flight of drones on council land. Kerry will fly you through his journey as a CAA qualified drone pilot campaigning to prevent this draconian ban being introduced in Coventry- #dronesforgood 

Alan Denyer - Getting into PVC

Alan will talk about becoming the Creative Director at the Priory Visitors Centre in Coventry. After his hugely successful takeover of the derelict Coventry Evening Telegraph building in 2018 we are sure to learn about some exciting plans he has for the PVC.

Andrea Mbarushimana – Poems from Inside an Empty Motherhood

Through the medium of poetry, Andrea Mbarushimana explores the hidden world of learning disabled Mothers who have had their children removed.

Lian Wilkinson - TBA

Lian works at the Belgrade Theatre...and that's all I know at the moment. What will she talk about? the excitement!!

Lewis Spencer - Secret Knock

Lewis will introduce us to his brand self-funded new arts and culture 'zine for Coventry. Pick up a free copy of issue #1 and maybe a badge or two.


Featured Presentation

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Emma Ward

Baker and tea maker , Gloria and Lil’s in Coventry

When Gloria met Lil


In When Gloria met Lil, Baker & Coffee Van entrepreneur Emma Ward tells the story of transforming an old French van into a cosy food truck, her meeting with Lil, a younger model, and their quest to turn eight wheels into four walls.


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My Biggest Weekend

@ VOL 35 ON JUN 07, 2018

In My Biggest Weekend, Letitia George tells us the story of the last few weeks being a new BBC radio presenter and her adventures backstage at The Biggest Weekend with the stars.

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Legacy Wrestling

@ VOL 35 ON JUN 07, 2018

Dramatic scenes, heartbreaking moments, adrenaline fuelled excitement and unrivalled audience interaction; who doesn't want to watch superheroes battle it out right in front of their eyes? Taking you on a rollercoaster of emotions and dragging you into a story you will never forget, welcome to the uniquely misunderstood world of professional wrestling as seen through the eyes of 20-year veteran and Legacy Wrestling promoter Mike Connell.


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DIY Democracy

@ VOL 35 ON JUN 07, 2018

In 'DIY Democracy' Ciaran Norris will talk about his experiences of being an independant politician. Ciarán tends to annoy people in his pursuit for better democracy, diplomacy and international development. He’s campaigned to make parliament more accessible and helped lead the successful campaign to protect the UK’s aid budget. He is currently Head of External Affairs at Oxfam.



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Lioness of Africa

@ VOL 35 ON JUN 07, 2018

In 'Lionesses of Africa' Laura Nyahuye will tell the startup story of an avant garde Zimbabwean designer challenging existing notions of jewellery design


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Finding My Way Back

@ VOL 35 ON JUN 07, 2018

In Finding My Way Back - a response to DIY - Snod, a recovering Artist - considers remembering what you are, how you can be that and what can't you do alone.


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Can't Sing, Can't Play, Did it Anyway

@ VOL 35 ON JUN 07, 2018

In “can’t sing, can’t play, did it anyway” David Goody talks about his DIY pathway to musical success using bizarre instruments and songs about the Coventry Ring Road & Spon End Santa. 


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Rolf at Warwick

@ VOL 35 ON JUN 07, 2018

In 'The story of @RolfAtWarwick' Helen Bevan will tell us about Rolf, her black cat who roams the Warwick University campus, sneaking into buildings. He used to disappear for 4 or 5 days at a time & she had no idea where we was or if something terrible had happened to him. Her family put his phone number on his collar & they were getting 6 or 7 calls a day from staff & students asking us if they had lost a cat. So they set Rolf up with a Twitter account & hundreds of his friends on campus have taken Rolf to their hearts. This is the ultimate feelgood PK presentation.


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The Elephant

@ VOL 35 ON JUN 07, 2018

In 'The Elephant' Alan Denyer will tell us about his latest plans to follow on from the huge success of running the CET popup venue.




The trees are quiet

It'd be great to hear from anyone who thinks they might have a bit of time to donate to helping put these events on - we could probably do with a few more people on the committee to give us a bit more capacity. If you're interested, or you have any really great ideas for a theme, or if you'd like to speak at or curate an event - please do get in touch with us.
In the meantime, have a browse through our back catalogue of presentations and let us know what your faves are!
Janet, Richard, Sarah, Dom and Paul

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About the City's Organizers

  • Janet Vaughan

    Artist and designer. One third of Talking Birds [t: @birdmail ] as well as @PKN_Coventry. Interested in art-theatre-coventry-allotment-tech stuff. I also #Snap daily.

  • Dom Breadmore

    Digital Media Artist // Creative Technology // Education // Research // @ludicrooms // Married daddy to two girls.

  • Richard Harrison

    'He's a life enhancer' - @matthogan 'His talents and personal ethos are humbling' - @elegantsavages 'I'm your wife, put me in your bio' - @ShivHarrison

  • Paul O'Donnell

    I am a Coventry based Theatre Maker and Creative Producer working on a number of projects which include Coventry's very own Shoot Festival, and my solo performances: So Far West, Nothing! and One Thing On His Mime.