Past Columbus Event: VOL 40

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VOL 40

March 16, 2017
@ Columbus Idea Foundry

Come celebrate this #40 milestone and 10 year anniversary with us March 16th, at 7:00pm at the new second-floor space at the Columbus Idea Foundry! Columbus trailblazer Alex Bandar will be the emcee.

We’ve got a fun mix of new and past presenters spanning our 10 years that will round out the #40 experience.

  • Samuel Berbano – Lindyhop lawyer
  • Olivera Bratich - Woman behind the curtain at Wholly Craft!
  • Jay Delaney – community builder & communicator (
  • Liv Gjestvang & Julia M. Applegate - Journey to lesbian motherhood
  • Ria Greiff - Producer, CEO, Clinical Director, Publisher/Writer
  • Zach D Myers - Apparel Manufacturer/ Creator
  • Shauna Sergent – travel blogger
  • Randy Sharma – Rockdoc mover and shaker / social and political activist and doer 
  • Timothy Wolf Starr – SBB/ Connects Columbus
  • Aniket Vardhan - Designer/Builder/Owner at The Musket V Twin

We’ll have some local beverages and food available. You may even see some OpenHeartCreatures mingling with the crowd. 

Admission is a suggested donation of only $3.

How did this all get started?

On February 2, 2007, PK started in the basement of NBBJ, a local architecture firm, after we heard about the event from our colleagues in Seattle. We soon were connected with Tokyo and San Franciscans, and were inspired. We knew there was so much humble amazingness out there in Columbus that just needed a forum. Roberto Jimenez, Stephanie Warsaw Patton, Lindsay Kenzig, Scott Vayo, Sandhya Kochar, Jay Gopal, Kevin Ward, and others organized those first few events, drawing about 40 people at first, which we thought was astounding given nearly no advertisement. My how it's grown!

"We're excited to see you and help us celebrate!"
- Your Pecha Kucha Columbus Team
James, Aleks, Jill, Matthew, Aiko, Shelagh, Jess, Steph, Michael

PechaKucha is devised and shared by Klein Dytham Architecture

Thanks for being with us along the way.

Drone Photo: Mike Cairns at Infinite Impact.

Ria Greiff
Radio Producer and Host, CEO, Clinical Director, Publisher/Author, 2Rogues in Columbus
Randy Sharma
Physician in Columbus
Shauna Sergent
Academic Advisor, Franklin University in Columbus
Alex Bandar
in Columbus
Olivera Bratich
in Columbus
Zach Myers
Clothing Maker , Z Myers & Sons Co. in Columbus
Liv Gvestvang
in Columbus
Aniket Vardhan
Motorcycle Engine Designer/Builder, The Voices in My head in Columbus
Jay Delaney
Higher Ed, Ohio State in Columbus