So you've been chosen to present? Here's what you need to know.


You’ve gotten over the hard part of whether to take on the challenge to get up there in front of a large audience.  Congratulations!  Now here’s what you need to know.

Invite your friends.

Remember to invite your friends and family to attend! Visit our Facebook Page.

You're on the List.

Each of you will have received an invitation to create or update your speaker profile on the global Pecha Kucha website. Once you update your profile (or even if you don't), it'll be listed in the cities.

Follow the Pecha Kucha Format.

In the spirit of following the global Pecha Kucha format, we ask that you show a total of 20 slides (images - minimal text if any) and speak about each slide for 20 seconds during your presentation. This gives you a total of six minutes and 40 seconds to present.  

No sales pitches.

Our audiences can smell a sales pitch a mile away. Please, no overt selling.

Create your presentation in PowerPoint.

We prefer that you submit your presentation already in PowerPoint. If you don’t have PowerPoint let us know and we’ll work with you.

You don’t need to include a title slide.

Use your 20 slides for content and images; we’ll handle your introduction so you can focus on your story. Our emcee will introduce you by reading your bio, and our designers will create a transition slide with your name, organization, and topic listed.

Tips for your PowerPoint

  • Use the standard Page Setup (Slides sized for On-screen Show (4:3), Width: 10 Inches, Height: 7.5 Inches)
  • Save images at 72 dpi to reduce the file size.
  • In the “View” menu select “Slide Sorter”
  • Hit Ctrl+a to select all slides.
  • Select “Transitions”
  • Uncheck “On Mouse Click”
  • Check “After” and change the timing to 00:20.00
  • View your slideshow to test your presentation.

Roadblocks happen.   

  • So you thought you wanted to present about your business, company or your product but learned that it’s not a sales pitch.  You start doubting yourself and how you’re going to talk.  Don’t let yourself choke and default to what is comfortable.  Pecha Kucha is all about sharing your story, your passion, an idea, YOU.  If you need guidance, our volunteer organizers are here to support you.  Watch some presentations and get inspired.  It isn’t about a company.  It is about the person driving it.  We want to hear all about YOU. 


For you aspiring presenters, apply to present by clicking on the link