Past Christchurch Event: VOL 33

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VOL 33

December 06, 2017
@ Papa Hou, YMCA

It is with great pleasure we bring you Volume 33, our first youth focused event being held at Papa Hou, YMCA. Investing in the next generation of changemakers, creatives and global citizens, we are featuring young Christchurch talents sharing their creative projects and passions.


We are returning to YMCA after an amazing experience amongst the giant spray cans of Spectrum Street Art Festival in 2016. Since then, the venue has changed dramatically! We are excited to take you on a new adventure alongside some young people, who will inspire you in many ways using the 20x20 format. Speakers include a muscian, a performer, an architectural student, a graphic designer, a photographer and more!

WHEN: Wednesday 6 December
WHERE: Papa Hou, YMCA - 12 Hereford St
(Doors open 7.30, PechaKucha starts at 8.20pm)

Ruby Arrowfield // Performer // Your life is a creative project
Charlie Jackson // Freelancer Photographer // Will work for wine!
Anzac Gallate // Student // Sustainability through behavioural change
Yanjin Liu (Jack) // Ara student // Get out of your comfort zone
Claudia McDonald // Student // The Christchurch youth movement
Deen Coulson // Musician // Music speaks where words fail


Aisha Tupa'i // Youth Worker & Performer // Making Space for Youth in Ōtautahi
Andrew Dixon // Graduate Designer // Because why not?
Gina Papahadjis// Community & Events Guru // Rediscovering human connection
Caleb Skene // architecture student // Emotional architecture
Jess McLennan // Student // The fabric that connects us
Alice Ridley // Saikuru Founder // Navigating to neutral


PechaKucha Nights are devised and shared by Klein Dytham Architects

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Navigating to Neutral

@ VOL 33 ON DEC 06, 2017

Living a more sustainable life is something that Alice Ridley strives to do every day. Small steps make a change and she explores these through a weekly Radio show and her PechaKucha talk

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The Fabric that Connects Us

@ VOL 33 ON DEC 06, 2017

Jess McLennan explores t-shirts as more than just the fabric of what we put on. Why did she need t-shirt number 54? Where did the fabric come from? Who made it and what are the working conditions like for this person?

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Emotional Architecture

@ VOL 33 ON DEC 06, 2017

Many buildings have a dead space, a space that isn’t used.  As an architectural student Caleb Skene has been exploring these dead spaces and wants to create space that has value to it's occupants.

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Music speaks where words fail

@ VOL 33 ON DEC 06, 2017

Deen Coulson sees music as an expression of emotion and the release of feelings. He wants to write beautiful words and create intense emotions through the music he creates. Deen's struggles through anxiety and depression has turned negativity into creativity.


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The Christchurch Youth Movement

@ VOL 33 ON DEC 06, 2017

15 year old Claudia McDonald has a head full of ideas.  She is involved with the Christchurch Youth Movement which creates youth opportunities and action in Christchurch.

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Get out of Your Comfort Zone

@ VOL 33 ON DEC 06, 2017

Yanjin (Jack) got out of his comfort zone by moving to New Zealand to study and meet girls.  His talk shares his experiences of culture shock and how he has used these to become an ambassador for others who travel to and live in New Zealand.

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Sustainability through Behavioral Change

@ VOL 33 ON DEC 06, 2017

Inspirational high school student Anzac Gallate shared how a group of students at Cashmere High School have created sustainable educational projects through behavioral change. One of Anzac’s key messages was that no one is too small to make a difference and you can start with just turning off lights.  This is a must listen!

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Will work for wine!

@ VOL 33 ON DEC 06, 2017

Charlie Jackson never thought she would be photographing products in a controlled environment and loving it. She shared her journey as a freelance photographer with her own business and how being open to whatever might come next has taken her in directions she would not have imagined.

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I grew up in the Circus

@ VOL 33 ON DEC 06, 2017

Ruby Arrowfield literally grew up in a circus with balancing clown parents called Carrot and Pickles!  Every aspect of her life infused a love of performing and supporting creative expression.  Now Ruby works with the Christchurch Circus Centre who are based in the Roy Stokes hall in New Brighton, which may be pulled down. Ruby is on a campaign to keep the circus alive.

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Because Why Not?

@ VOL 33 ON DEC 06, 2017

If you ever wanted to find someone who drew a slightly odd picture and then had a friend turn it into a tattoo, because . . . why not, then Andrew Dixon is that someone. He is on a journey doing and trying everything, because  . . .why not.


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Rediscovering Human Connection

@ VOL 33 ON DEC 06, 2017

Gina Papahadjis had a fear of talking to strangers and her PechaKucha journey pushed her to rediscover human connection to help her overcome this. She went to the pub and asked a series of questions. She discovered that human connection is an investment and worth investing in.


Claudia McDonald
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Jess McLennan
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Deen Coulson
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Jack Liu
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Anzac Gallate
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Ruby Arrowfield
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Andy Dixon
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Caleb Skene
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Charlie Rose Jackson
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Alice Ridley
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Aisha Tupa'i
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Gina Papahadjis
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