Past Chicago Event: VOL 50

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VOL 50

June 20, 2019
@ Martyrs'

It's our 50th event. Holy cow!

Bring friends. Bring 50 friends!

Poster by David Lee Csicsko.

Peter Exley
Architect, Architecture Is Fun in Chicago
Thorsten Bösch
3d renderings, animations and realtime (VR), visualizedconcepts inc. in Chicago
Eddie Torrez
Architect, Bauer Latoza Studio in Chicago
Jessie LaFree
boxer, traveler, and architectural designer, @ mike shively architecture in Chicago
Audrey Jonas
Stand Up Comedian & Second City Educator, Second City in Chicago
Rachael Mason
Head of Second City’s Improv Program, Second City in Chicago
Chris Corcoran
Linguist & Expert Witness in Asylum Cases in Chicago
David Lee Csicsko
Designer & Artist in Chicago
Ernest Wong
Landscape Architect, SITE Design Group in Chicago
Cheryl Durst
Executive VP & CEO, IIDA in Chicago
Hiba Bhatty
Architect, Valerio Dewalt Train in Chicago
Marie P. Anderson
Model Industry Expert & Founder Boss Babe Models, Boss Babe Models in Chicago
Rebekah Raleigh
Executive Producer & Storyteller, Rotary International in Chicago