Past Chicago Event: VOL 0

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Places To Cry

@ VOL 0 ON OCT 31, 2018

Anjulie Rao takes us on a tour of public spaces - from Ikea, to Chicago's subteranean Pedway - and challenges us to see them in a new way.

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A Palimpsest of Possibilities

@ VOL 0 ON OCT 31, 2018

Peter Randolph is an architect at Eastlake Studio. His favorite word is “remarkable.” His least favorite word is “maybe.”

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Playing Cards

@ VOL 0 ON OCT 31, 2018

Dan Streeting is the founder of Streeting Design, a graphic design and illustration studio in Berwyn that focuses on print projects, custom typography, branding, and publications. He also teaches experimental typography.

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20'-2 1/2"

@ VOL 0 ON OCT 31, 2018

Kendall McCaugherty is an architectural photographer with the Chicago-based studio, Hall+Merrick Photographers. While receiving her BFA in photography from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign she was also a member of the Track and Field team, specializing in the high jump. Her roots as a photojournalist were refined by documenting her teammates. This exercise fueled Kendall's interest in human interaction and imprint with space and architecture.

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The Infinity Bottle

@ VOL 0 ON OCT 31, 2018

Mike Renaud is the Founder the integrated creative studio Varyer, and was Vice President and Creative Director of Pitchfork for a decade. In his PechaKucha presentation Mike reflects on the bond between him and his father and the Infinity Bottle.

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The Culture of Imagination

@ VOL 0 ON OCT 31, 2018

Ruby Tian is an architectural student at Pratt Institute. Her experience as an international students for seven years has earned her ability to observe and innovate. When she isn’t glued to the computer screen, she spends time traveling and meeting people around the world. She is currently a researcher at the Skyscraper Museum.

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The Tavern Club

@ VOL 0 ON OCT 31, 2018

Architect Tom Zurowski ponders the history of Chicago's famed and former Tavern Club where his office now makes its home.

Peter Exley
Architect, Architecture Is Fun in Chicago
Steven Haulenbeek
Designer, Steven Haulenbeek Design Concepts Inc. in Chicago
Anjulie Rao
Journalist, AIA Chicago in Chicago
Tom Zurowski
Architect, Eastlake Studio in Chicago
Dan Streeting
Designer, Streeting Design in Chicago
Peter Randoph
Technical Coordinator, Eastlake Studio in Chicago
Michael Renaud
Co-CEO, Varyer in Chicago
Amy Gozalka
Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather in Chicago
Ruby Tian
Independent Female in Chicago
Kendall McCaugherty
Photographer, Hall + Merrick Photographers in Chicago