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20 JUN


It's our 50th event. Holy cow!

More presenters to be announced soon.

Poster by David Lee Csicsko.


Featured Presentation

Rob Schaaf works on cross-partisan campaigns to reform our electoral system and campaign finance laws, aiming to bring about an effective government of, by, and for the people. 


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Joe "Jaws" Jordan, and other tales of English Football

@ VOL 48 ON DEC 12, 2018

In a follow up on his presentation on English football players' haircuts, Peter Exley makes observations on dental absence and alignment among the protagonists of the world's most popular sport.

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Strap Yourself To The Mast

@ VOL 48 ON DEC 12, 2018

Pete Ondish is a PhD student in social psychology at University of Illinois who enjoys tacos, rock climbing, darts, and more tacos. Here he speaks on self regulation and control, not forgetting the marshmallow test.

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Practicing Decency

@ VOL 48 ON DEC 12, 2018

Amy Rath is a shameless heathen who tries to remember that it’s rewarding to be nice to others.  She’d prefer not to create a cult, but don’t test her.

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Baking In Goodness

@ VOL 48 ON DEC 12, 2018

Janet Ginsburg is a silo-skipper. It took years to admit and even longer to realize this was a rare, good and useful thing to be. She admires those who seem to know exactly what they want to do with their lives, but is more than content to flit about with a glorious lack of discipline across an array of broad interests.

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Build Your Own Science

@ VOL 48 ON DEC 12, 2018

Marvin Tate is a performance poet, lyricist, published author, collected visual artist and educator. His work references African American history, speaks of personal and family history, and touches upon broader themes of cultural and political segregation, while addressing his own identity.

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The Small Idea...

@ VOL 48 ON DEC 12, 2018

Kate Dumbleton is an Assistant Professor of Arts Administration and Policy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she leads the graduate Management Studio.

She is also the Executive and Artistic Director of the Hyde Park Jazz Festival.


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The Paradox of the Paw Paw

@ VOL 48 ON DEC 12, 2018

Horticulture enthusiast Caroline Corboy introduces us to the Paw Paw.

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@ VOL 48 ON DEC 12, 2018

Louis Basile reflects on the importance of hobbies, and how drawing has helped him to live with chronic pain.



PKN Poster Spotlight: Chicago

This week's PechaKucha 
Poster Spotlight showcases the complex design for Chicago's upcoming event PechaKucha Night Chicago Vol. 48. With its combination of architecture models and complimentary color schemes, it surely leaves us with a positive impression and high hopes for what is to come at Chicago's next event. A big thank you to the Chicago team for always raising the bar!
For more posters, please visit our Tumblr and Instagram!

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About the City's Organizers

  • Peter Exley

    Advocate for architecture for children, Peter Exley FAIA has created an internationally recognized architecture and design practice, which elevates the standards of design for public space and learning environments through the construction of new paradigms in pedagogy, play and participatory experience. Hailing from Yorkshire, he arrived in Chicago for a year in 1985. He has been there ever since, and founded ArchitectureIsFun on April Fools' Day 1994. He is an adjunct Professor in the departments of Architecture, Interior Architecture & Designed Objects and Contemporary Practices at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the co-host of PechaKucha Night Chicago, was the 2013 President of AIA Chicago and sits on the national Board of Directors of the American Institute of Architects..

  • Thorsten Bösch

    President and Co-Founder of visualizedconcepts inc. in 2003, he arrived in Chicago 1996 via Hamburg, Passau + Konstanz.

  • Sharon Exley

    Procurer of Art, Beauty & Curiosity Sharon and her team at Fun Finders, a women-owned practice bring art, beauty, curiosity and experience to homes, businesses, museums, libraries, and public entities. With Architecture Is Fun, Sharon elevates environments to sophisticated interiors and educative design™ across the US and internationally.

  • Steven Haulenbeek

    I am a Chicago based designer and artist working in the fields of furniture, lighting, accessories, experimental/process-based objects and events.