Past Chengdu Event: VOL 8

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July 14, 2018
@ 言几又

Volume 8 of PechaKucha Night Chengdu is all about tools. We invite all speakers to explain what tools they use and how these tools are used to shape creativity into actual work. With this edition we bring an ode to the toolmakers that empower creators to decorate, lift up, and innovate the world around us.

With tools we include the obvious tools, such as the pencil of a painter, the instrument of a musician, software of a game developer, or even our bare hands. We also include abstract tools, such as “help” on the road of creation; friendships, inspiration from a book or a journey. 

“年度系列”的第二场PechaKucha选择了“工具”这个主题。我们希望邀请嘉宾们聊一聊他们在创意工作中所不可或缺的“工具”—— 它也许是创作者手中所不可或缺的那个具体的工具、器械和生产方式;而在更广阔的层面,它也是创作的思路、技巧和立场。我们相信,除了为创作者们提供了创意的实现条件,对“工具”本身的深入琢磨,也将启发不一样的思考。




Michiel Roosjen
Entrepreneur, About Asia
Celia Yu
Project manager, About Asia in Chengdu