Past Cape Town Event: VOL 36

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VOL 36

November 10, 2015
@ The Assembly

Join us for the last PechaKucha in Cape Town for 2015!...amazing stories about turning waste office paper into an alternative fuel of low income families; a brain-friendly solution that makes learning fun, fast and effective; sugar addiction, listening more to speaking less; unlocking happiness; restoring mid-century photography; beauty beneath the waves; the hidden truths of body language; and the power of dreams according a 22-year-old first-time author.

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Eat, Know, Pick, Grow, Think Indigenous Food

@ VOL 36 ON NOV 10, 2015

Loubie Rusch recognizes the irony of living in such a vegetatively rich local as Cape Town, yet eatting virtually nothing from it. Loubie takes viewers on a brief and colourful exploration of a few indigenous plant foods, where to find them and a few ways to use them.

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Confessions of a Boardgame Guru

@ VOL 36 ON NOV 10, 2015

Boardgames have come a LONG way since Monopoly. Today, an ever growing community of boardgamers is emerging, and we’re even using our powers for good, shaping young minds in the townships of Cape Town. Go on a journey with Adhil Patel through this fascinating world.

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Indian Indian!

@ VOL 36 ON NOV 10, 2015

Speaker Apoorv Bamba has travelled to over 24 countries and hosted workshops in eight of them. He truly believes in the essence of learning through interacting with different cultures and people who think differently to others. Apoorv will share his journey of growing with each country he lived in share some key insights of being an Indian expat living in South Africa for two years

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Body Language

@ VOL 36 ON NOV 10, 2015

Body language is fascinating because Gaetan Schmid believes our bodies never lie. We might use words to say something nice to someone but simultaneously our body is saying: “What an idiot!”  He is passionate about exploring these hidden truths - so revealing about ourselves, and then sharing them"

Apoorv Bamba
Marketing & Education Consultant, Ingenious Faces & Blue Rain Dialogues in Gurgaon
Hayley Bagnall
Head of Sustainability, The Sophia Foundation in Cape Town
Meagan Pereira
Holistic Health Coach in Cape Town
Elaine Woodbridge
Photo collector, digital restorer and artist, Self and UCT