Past Cambridge Event: VOL 20

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VOL 20

May 15, 2019
@ CUC Wine Bar

We're celebrating our 20th PechaKucha Night in Cambridge! 

We've had so many great presentations from a wide range of speakers from many different disciplines including science, art, design, photography, fashion, architecture, mental health, sport and more.

You can see all of our past presentations and don't forget to applaud and share them! 


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Dream Author

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

Sophie Hannah is best known as a crime writer and was invited by the Agatha Christie family to continue the Poirot series. She has recently started a coaching prgramme for authors and here she explains why she was motivated to do that and what is involved in the programme. 

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Making People Feel Comfortable

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

John Monks has spent much of his life and career helping people who feel that they don't fit in to be more comfortable with who they are. In this presentation he shares some of the techniques he uses and the results that they have. 

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Ten Reasons Why Shoes are like Men

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

As the owner of two shoe shops, Sarah Decent takes a keen interest in the way women shop for shoes. She has also been married three times and drawn some startling and often hilarious comparisons between shoes and men. This presentation lists ten of them - there may be more! 

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Sueno Verde - an Eco Friendly Community

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

Fay Durrant had a dream to buy a piece of land in Spain and build an eco-friendly community.  It didn't work out quite the way she thought it would but after a pause to re-group and gather more resources, she has started again and with bands of volunteers and supporters is re-building her dream. 

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Can Tourism be Sustainable?

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

The Rugby World Cup 2019 and the Olympic Games 2020 spurred Chris Loughan into investigating how tourism can become more sustainable. His efforts have met with mixed responses but with more and more tourist attractions trying to balance the economic and environmental effects of increasing numbers of tourists, Chris's guide to sustainable tourism is slowly gaining attention. 

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Drop the F Bomb on Money

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

When Charlotte Steggall talks to young people about the schools programme Take Your Place, helping young people with little or no experience of university explore the world of higher education, the topic that always comes up is money. The barriers that stop people talking about money, the stigmas and judgements, are things that Charlotte is helping to get rid of. Encouraging young people to be open about money helps them to be more confident about making financial decisions and explore their options. 

Chris Loughlan
CEO, Cambridge Institute for Innovation (Cii) in Cambridge
John Monks
Facilitator, Curve in Cambridge
Sophie Hannah
Writer in Cambridge
Fay durrant
Wellness Wonder Woman, Self Employed in Cambridge
Sarah Decent
Shoe Siren, Modish in Cambridge
Charlotte Steggall
Higher Education Champion, Take Your Place in Cambridge