You may never have spoken in public before or you may be an accomplished presenter.


The PechaKucha format is very different to any other style so here's some tips on how to prepare your presentation:


Decide on your topic

We'd love to hear about your creative project, your passion, your vision, your quirky obesession, the things you want to share with the world to entertain, educate or inform a global audience. It can be purely for fun, awe inspiring, poignant, world changing, creative, informative, or mischevious.

PechaKucha is not the place to promote your business, have a rant, or promote your political or religious views. PechaKucha Nights are for bringing our warm, supportive and friendly community together for a fun and sociable evening.

The presentations are shared with a global audience in over 1100 cities, so topics that have more than a local appeal are welcome. 

Start early

Preparing a memorable presentation usually takes longer than most people think it will. Strangely enough, getting a short presentation right takes more rehearsal than a long one. We need the finished set of slides at least a week before the event to check it and load it up ready for the night.

Choose 20 stunning, original images.

A PechaKucha presentation works best when your slides are the star of the show with no words cluttering them up. Using your own original images to illustrate your ideas makes your presentation memorable. If you're going to use images that don't belong to you, be sure you have permission, credit the photographer, and don't infringe copyright.

Put the images in a 4:3 PowerPoint presentation

This is the format required by the Global PechaKucha website where your presentation will end up, to be shared with the global PK audience. Please don’t use any of your 20 slides for your name, the title of the talk, or contact details – these are all added after the recording when the slides are loaded onto the Global PechaKucha website.

Set the automatic advance rate to 20 seconds

If anything remotely techy gives you the wobbles, just let us know and we'll help, but if you're happy to, please set the auto-transition to 20 seconds. Select the 'Transitions' tab, and on the right you'll see 'Advance Slide'. Please tick the box next to 'After', and set the value to 00:20:00. Set the duration to 00:00, and then below that please click 'Apply To All'. We want your presentation to run smoothly so just ask if you need help!

Rehearse speaking to each slide for exactly 20 seconds

The timing is crucial as the format is fixed and dictated by how the presentations are recorded and displayed on the Global PechaKucha site. There is no wriggle room! You start speaking when your first slide appears and 6 minutes 40 seconds later, you're all done. The more rehearsal you can do to get the timing of your words right, the more impact your talk will have

Rehearse some more

Experts estimate that the time needed to rehearse is 30 times longer than the duration of the presentation. This means that for a 6 minute 40 second presentation, you should allow approx 3.5 hours for rehearsal!

Don’t use notes

Reading from notes just doesn’t work – it’s better to speak naturally and be prompted by your images

Email your slides

As soon as you can, and at least a week before the event, send your Powerpoint slides to your City Organiser  Email, Dropbox, and WeTransfer all work well. If the file is too big, go back and compress the images within PowerPoint and that should work. We'll add them to a master presentation for use on the night. 

Recording the presentation 

We don't video presentations, we only record the audio and load that up with your slides to the global PechaKucha site. If you'd like a friend to video you on their phone that's OK. 

On the night

Turn up at least 15 minutes before the event starts and we'll show you the recording set up.
The projector, microphone and monitor are set up to allow you to face the audience so you don't need to crane your head round to look at the screen.

Promoting the event

We'll promote the event in our newsletter and on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook, and tag you where appropriate, so please join in and share the posts. Encourage your friends to come along to support you. Our official photgrapher will take photos on the night and these will be used in our newsletter and social media. You are welcome to use these images free of charge but please credit the photographer. 

After the event 

We'll add the recordings to the Global PechaKucha website, and as soon as they've been approved by the team in Tokyo, they'll be published. We'll let you know as soon as this happens so that you can share them with your supporters.

City blog

Every official PechaKucha city has a city blog on the Global PechaKucha website.
If you'd like to write a post about your project or your experience of presenting in Cambridge just let us know.


If you have any queries, please just ask!