We thought that no-one would have time to prepare a presentation in December so we thought we'd just get together for a bit of fun. 

As a change to all the other Christmas parties, we suggested that anyone who fancied having a go could improvise a presentation by talking in the PechaKucha style to a set of slides they hadn't seen before. 

Seven brave souls volunteered. Roger Clarke was first up, wearing his Christmas jumper! He told us a tale about working at the British Library, getting his ducks in a row and many other things inspired by a set of images pulled from our City Organiser's Instagram account! 

Colin Ramsey came next, interpreting a set of slides based on colour and giving us a travelogue! 

Berenice Smith didn't know she was going to volunteer until she found herself on her feet, confronted with a set of gothic horror images that she used to tell a story about her family! 

Experimenting with a double act, Andrea Joyce and Rachel Extance described an excursion to a wildlife park. On Twitter Andrea said "What a weirdly exhilarating experience it was to give a talk to slides we had never seen before. Big love to the storytelling genius that is for being my partner in crime for this improv fun" 

Rachel said "We were given a stage and a microphone. We could have regaled the room with anything. We had a chat about cheese sandwiches - in front of a picture of a leopard." 

Comedy gold award goes to Andrea for the comment " ... but isn't everyone disappointed when the sandwich turns out to be just cheese?" 

Carri Pavitt was triumphant in her interpretation of a set of slides based loosely on travel and is now so hooked on PechaKucha that she's signed up for her third presentation on March 20th! 

"I'm going to tell you about my life as an art thief", said Jon Torrens. As his unexpected slides included a lot of archectural plans, he was able (maybe a little too expertly) to descibe how to get in and out of various buildings and the art works they had housed before he got his gloved hands on them!

We owe a huge thank you to our brave volunteers (some more voluntary than others!) who entertained us with their hilarious improvised presentations and sent us all home with huge grins on our faces and to Lucinda Price Photography for the photos!