PechaKucha Presentation

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Danielle Henderson

Artist . Lover . Mother in Cairns

"All creative journies start somewhere. Mine began in a paper cutting workshop..." 

In "Puppetry in Paradise" from PechaKucha Night Cairns Vol. 20,  Danielle Henderson is trained in theatre, performance and media arts. She is a passionate entertainer, writer/ storyteller and occasional singer living in Cairns, Far North Queensland.  Since becoming a mother her attention has turned to visual art forms, specifically Scherenschnitte, or silhouette paper cutting. Her work is exceptionally detailed and has a pure uncomplicated visual appeal which lends itself poetically to shadow play. In 2013 Danielle wrote and performed I Live Here - a shadow puppet theatre experience for children.
Seeking more colourful and less solitary creative engagements she has more recently facilitated a community arts project for children and families. Her latest work is pushing her interest in puppet making into 3 dimensions.

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Professional Puppets

@ VOL 110 ON JAN 22, 2014

Toshifumi Matsumiya lived in Berlin for two years, where he attended several puppet shows. When he moved back to Japan he began working in puppetry, and joined the Foundation Modern Puppet Center, which promotes both traditional puppetry and modern puppet performances. Toshifumi showcases several unique puppet exhibits produced by the center, and shares the stories behind them. 

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Cutting Pages

@ VOL 19 ON DEC 13, 2013

Charlene Asato joins us from the Big Island and has enjoyed creating with paper for many years. She finds it very exciting that a simple fold changes a two-dimensional plane into a three-dimensional form and artist’s books provide a wonderful avenue to convey this energy.

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The making puppets backstage

@ VOL 8 ON JUL 04, 2014

Based in France, Anna Deschamps graduated in 2006 from the national college of Art and Design (ENSAD "les arts-déco", Paris) as a set-designer. But since then, I have been involved into stop-motion movies and street theatre making mainly puppets.
From Paris to Bamako through Melbourne and London, follow me in the backstage of various films productions, I will show you the process of making puppets. {in French}

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The Rabbit Hole of Puppet Making

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 27, 2016

"I'll talk about the surprisingly deep rabbit hole that is puppet making, and my creative tumble down it."

A graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, Clay Achee has studied and worked in the film and television industry for over 10 years. His other hobby? Cooking? Golf? Nah, he makes puppets.

We thoroughly enjoyed his presentation The Rabbit Hole of Puppet Making at PechaKucha Night Baton Rouge Vol. I.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, September 8th, 2016. 

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My Paper Cut "Kirie"

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 04, 2016

Naoyuki Ishiga shares his passion outside of work: "kirie", a traditional craft of paper cutting, creating mesmerizing images of shadow and light. Pierce into his mind in this intriguing presentation showcasing some unique techniques of this beautiful art form.

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The Puppet and Its Double Theater

@ VOL 29 ON JUN 25, 2016

Because Cheng Chiayin had come into contact with all kinds of dolls in childhood, she choose a career in the performing art of puppetry, following French director Philippe Genty in learning the art, and performing all around the world. In 1999, The Puppet and Its Double Theater was established. It not only practiced cross-discipline cooperation, but also performed a variety of themes. The troupe moved from Taipei to an ideal base in Ilan, allowing more people to take part in the art of puppetry.


鄭嘉音因為從小接觸各式玩偶,而一路走上偶戲的表演藝術,到追隨法國導演菲利浦.香堤(Philippe Genty)習藝,到世界各地演出,於是1999年成立無獨有偶劇團,不但跨界合作,也表演各種議題,而劇團從台北移到宜蘭有了完善的基地,讓更多人能參與偶戲表演藝術。

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Kids, Creativity and Vegetables: A Puppet Show Like No Other

@ VOL 12 ON SEP 23, 2016


Ben Brill shares this story about the amusing start of a unique puppet show for kids that features actual vegetables. The creators do everything possible to create uplifting and goofy content that helps kids explore ideas about ecology, diversity, and being creative

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Play in Public Spaces

@ VOL 21 ON NOV 17, 2016

The Cattywampus Puppet Council, which is a Knoxville based nonprofit seeking to build community and promote play for all ages through the puppetry arts. This spring, Cattywampus will organize and facilitate the Appalachian Puppet Pageant, Knoxville’s first community puppet parade. This project will invite members of the community of all ages and backgrounds to come together and create puppets, masks, and costumes rooted in local ecology and stories of “place.” As an act of public play and storytelling, this parade will celebrate the culture of love, creativity, and mutual dependence we wish to create in Southern Appalachia.  

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Paper Making in Japan

@ VOL 1 ON MAR 25, 2017

"They gave us certificates of mastering the art of paper making but then they quickly clarified that we didn't actually master it because it takes years to do so..."

In "Paper Making in Japan" from PechaKucha Night Warwick Vol. 1, Rebecca Pry shares her story of how she learned to make traditional Japanese paper, washi, while at the Awagami paper making factory in Tokushima, Japan.

Rebecca is a young artist living and working in Warwick, NY. Her work is heavily inspired by the patterns and imagery created by nature and her surroundings. Her designs have been published in books and magazines and have been printed on apparel, accessories, home goods, and stationery.