Global Night in Budapest

We've been adding so many great PechaKucha Global Night posters to the blog today, and here's yet another one, this time from Budapest for the city's Vol. 34 on September 20. Visit the official event page for more info.

This poster wants us to open our eyes, ears, mouth, and nose -- it's not difficult to wrap your head around. 

Hungarian artists, thinkers, architects, designers, and many other creatives will gather at Dürer Kert this coming Thursday evening from 8pm for PKN Budapest's Vol. 32

To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

Concrete Eggs PechaKucha Night in Budapest organizer Attila Bujdoso sends in this story, about how funds were raised at the city's Inspire Japan event. All photos were taken by Tóth Máté.

The sprinkling and giving of Easter eggs are flourishing traditions in Hungary, widely practiced at Easter time. According to this folk custom, on Easter Monday, in the early mornings, young men visit women and sprinkle them with cold water or perfume. In return, the women give nicely decorated Easter eggs to the men. Lately, in modern times, the hand-painted eggs are often substituted by chocolate eggs. The Easter egg became an icon of the Hungarian Easter folk custom, preparing and decorating Easter eggs show a living example and vivid presence of folk art. The history of sprinkling and giving Easter eggs can be traced back to an ancient fertility cult as well.


PKN Budapest Vol. 1

We're starting to think that Flickr user bujatt is in fact one of the organizers behind PechaKucha Night in Budapest, because he or she has in fact put up a collection of photos from most if not all of the PKNs that have been held in Budapest, running from December 2006 to January 2011 -- see the gallery here. Above, a photo from the very first PKN in Budapest.

PKN Budapest and the Flying Carpet


Way back in 2009, PechaKucha Night in Budapest Vol. 12 played host to Bart Cardinaal and Nadine Roos' "Flying Grass Carpet" -- and we even covered it in a post. Looking through Flickr we just fell upon this new photo that was taken at the same time as the one in the original post (both by Flickr user bujatt), and we just wanted to share it because it's such an amazing view.

Eszter Pasztor

As a follow-up to our previous post on Budapest's recent and upcoming PKNs, organizer Attila Bujdoso sends us the following on one of the stand-out presentations from that city's Vol. 16. It featured Eszter Pasztor talking about her "Bodvalenke - Fresco Village" project.

This very special project focuses on one of Hungary's most deprived ghetto villages. Bódvalenke is a remote, small village in North-Eastern Hungary. The village -- which has high unemployment rate and is harmed by social segregation -- is inhabited by many gypsies. Led by a Miskolc painter, János Horváth, gypsy painters will decorate the walls of the houses of the village with murals. The murals will present the life, legends, dreams, sorrows and desires of the Gypsy.

In the first phase they have already painted the walls of some 15-17 houses. Thus they create a communal art work and wish to open up this tiny remote village for tourists. Tourism and attention would hopefully help turn this village and could bring work opportunities and a better life circumstances to the villagers.

You can see a few photos of Pasztor presenting here, and also learn more at this website for the project in question.


Here's a video summery of last December's PechaKucha Night in Budapest Vol. 16 -- the video was also shown during this past Saturday's live PechaKucha WAVE. Budapest's next event (Vol. 17) is happening this coming Saturday (February 27) at Merlin, and we're sure that you can expect to hear more about the Haiti project there, as well as give donations at the event itself -- if you can't attend, you can do so from the Budapest city page as well.


Organizer Attila Bujdoso sends in this great look at the presentation from Hungarian designer Szofita, from last month's PechaKucha Night in Budapest Vol. 15.

At our Vol.15 event in Budapest we had a great international line-up in front of 450 people! One of the best presentations was definitely given by a young female designer Szofita from Hungary. She is still a student but already has a great work portfolio. It was really impressive to see the great diversity of her works including animation graphics, fashion design and graphic design.


PKN Budapest Vol. 14

PechaKucha Night in Budapest Vol. 14 was held back in September, and that city's organizer, Attila Bujdoso, fills us in on a special performance that was done in between the presentations by dancer, choreographer, and stage designer Kovacs Gerzson Peter.

So PechaKucha Night in Budapest Vol.14 event was held in Trafó theatre. We took the advantages of the space since all the equipment was already installed and available for use. Kovács Gerzson Péter, contemporary dancer, coreographer and stage designer showed not 20 slides but 20 stage scenes instead, supported by the life set of DJ Csodafarkas (Tilos). The audience, who was seated on the stage opposing the presenters who were standing on the amphitheatre steps, was the target of the lighting so the visitors became the actors of the scenes themselves.


The Flying Grass Carpet in Budapest

PechaKucha Night in Budapest Vol. 12 was held back in May, and you may remember that at the time we mentioned that PKN Amsterdam organizers Bart Cardinaal and Nadine Roos' "Flying Grass Carpet" was going to make an appearance. Photos from the event have finally popped up, and above you can see an amazing photo that showcases not only the stunning venue (at the Museum of Applied Arts), but the carpet as well.