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Tony Okoromadu

Consultant in College Station, Texas

Shards of Memory: A Mishmash of Conjecture


Random everyday objects and events that prompt a throwback to some experience in Tony Okoromadu's life, provoking deeper introspection than would have been expected.

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Doors and Memories

@ VOL 25 ON JUL 11, 2015

From Taipei Vol. 25 - The Imagination of Social Housing

Xu-zhong Fang
, Designer, described the stories which from the link of residence and people. He reserved the vanishing memory through design, took a photography recording his hometown, Gonghe new village of Donggang in Pingtung County, where is well-preserved military community, to find the forgotten or lost element from past and put it into the designed commodities as a record and also allow people to memory it.

方序中 設計師 講述居住與人之間的連結產生故事,透過設計保存消逝的記憶,以攝影記錄故鄉─屏東縣東港共和新村,也是保存良好的眷村,找尋到過去可能遺忘或失落的元素,放入設計商品作為紀錄也能讓人們藉此回味。

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Fragile Memory

@ VOL 21 ON MAY 19, 2015

Presented by Kimberley Wade

A look at how you memory can play tricks on you, even under gun fire!

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Objects are Greater than They Appea

@ VOL 16 ON DEC 04, 2015

Justin Enger is a avid consumer of material culture, who lives in Harrisburg SD with his long suffering husband, Travis, and their three dogs Eva, Otie and Cadet.


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Spatial Memory Mapping

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

Lyla Catellier gives good directions! At PechaKucha Night Brooklyn Volume 8, Lyla put her 7 siblings to the test - a test of spatial memory mapping. With 5/7 siblings worth of maps of her hometown, Lyla explores the wonders of the hippocampus.

Lyla is a lady living in Chelsea NYC. She currently directs public programs and events at Columbia University GSAPP and was once called a swiss army knife. She is a logistics maverick, and has always wanted someone to refer to her as a maverick, and at PK Brooklyn Volume 8, we did!

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Urban Sketching Memories

@ VOL 2 ON APR 01, 2016

Peggy Wong shows us her travelogues and how the passion for sketching to document each experience brings interesting memories.

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Memory Walks - Is This The Way I Went?

@ VOL 136 ON JUN 02, 2016

"I have over 1500 eggs in my studio at home [and] a very understanding wife."

In Memory Walks - Is This The Way I Went? from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 136, artist and scientist Arthur Huang talks about the evolution of his Memory Walks Project which he began in 2012.  This project draws influences from his research work in neuroscience and delves into ways of visualizing everyday memories, on all of all things, eggs.  His solo exhibition of the same title is on display at HAGISO from May 17 - June 5, 2016.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" On Friday, June 10th, 2016. 

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Making Memories at the Easton Home

@ VOL 5 ON JUN 17, 2016

Paul Cercone relates his work with the Easton Home and efforts to create safe and comfortable environments by surrounding memory impared residents with decor and images from an earlier era.

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Memory Imprints of Papua New Guinea

@ VOL 18 ON AUG 24, 2016

"Memories were triggered and ideas for drawing came flooded back into my mind."

In Memory Imprints of Papua New Guinea from PechaKucha Night Sunshine Coast, visual artist Ulrike Sturm focuses on her work with artist’s books, printmedia, and visual narratives. As a teen Ulrike lived in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG). The impact of that amazing experience never really left her and she cherished the vivid childhood memories she had of those years. It is perhaps strange then, that she didn’t go back there for such a long time, only once until two months ago. Ulrike’s Pecha Kucha talk is therefore about her recent trip to PNG, what adventures she encountered, and how all this relates to her creative practice as a visual artist.  This includes her ephemeral vinyl artworks – many of which draw on memory and are destroyed at the end of the exhibit. 

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Can Memory Be Restored?

@ VOL 31 ON SEP 07, 2016

"Some memories actually emerge to protect us from danger."

In "Can Memory be Restored?" from PechaKucha Night Maastricht Vol.31, Researcher from Maastricht University, Sarah-Anna Hescham shares new techniques that are being explored to manage and even restore memory loss. Remembering and forgetting are two important sides of the same coin that help us manage our day to day lives. But for some people, especially the elderly, forgetfulness is a common occurrence... Does a cure exist?