Past Bozeman Event: VOL 19

Large wide downtown

VOL 19

April 19, 2016
@ The Ellen Theatre


Spam, aerial acrobatics and the Gallatin Roller Girlz take center stage at the Ellen for PK Night


 Spam—both the Internet and meat kinds--gravity-defying acrobatics, and those rough, tough roller girlz will take center stage at the Ellen Theatre for the 19th PechaKucha Night Tuesday, April 19 and Wednesday, April 20.


Randall Russo will present “ Glorious Spam”;  Kelsey Clark (aka “Mauled Whiskey”) will describe the not-so-sedate life of the “roller girlz” in “Playing Chess While Someone Throws Bricks at Your Head”; and  Galen Eldridge will talk about living the high life in “I’m off to Join the Circus: Aerial Arts for All.”


Jenny McCune, mental health therapist, avid bicyclist and quadriplegic for nine years will recount how she found the strength to forge a new life and help others with chronic pain. And, since it’s April, Jeff Milchen will offer  “A Thrilling Discussion of Tax Policy.” In keeping with the eclectic line-up, gay rights activist and MSU senior Alex Paterson will present “Four years a Queer: My MT Experience.”


Entrepreneur Ryan Duarte will discuss the development of a remarkable new smartphone app that can detect skin cancer in his presentation, “Freckles”; Wren Kilian will describe a surprisingly simple, but  effective way to improve Montana’s poor record for recycling;  and Kareen Erbe will describe how she  became a  backyard farmer.


Finally, Thomas Schieffer will talk about his transition from a high-paying, exciting and very stressful job through his embrace of ancient healing arts and Lissa Barber and Jan Strout will take us on a photographic journey of personal and cultural discovery through Cuba.


Local morning television anchor, Broad Comedy star and snowboard instructor Missy O’Malley will emcee the event. All presentations will be featured both nights.


Doors open at 6:30 p.m., with the first presentation starting at 7:20 p.m. Pecha Kucha (peh-chak-cha) offers anyone with a passion or a vision--designers, artists, inventors, architects, adventurers, entrepreneurs—an opportunity to share their ideas with the community during a fast-paced, friendly social get-together. There's just one catch—presenters have only 20 slides x 20 seconds each, a total of 6 minutes, 40 seconds!


Pecha Kucha (sounds like chit-chat in Japanese) was created 12 years ago by a Tokyo architectural firm. Events are now held in more than 800 cities around the world.  More information is available on Facebook at pecha-kucha-bozeman or by emailing   You are encouraged to come early to socialize.  There will be a 20-minute intermission.


Advance tickets ($7 plus $1 restoration fee) are available online at .

Tickets also are available at the box office and at the door for $8 ($5 for students) space permitting.

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