We're getting used to it!

PKN Birstein #2 is over.  It was a huge progress compared to our first event.  Speakers and the audience were happy both — no difference to last time here.  But our events growing is a nice thing to experience.

Five additional speakers to our core team (Anke an me) were quite a success.  Even though one of them got sick that day we still had six lectures which was excellent if one knows the circumstances in our region (check out the older blog posts).  The range of themes was amazing and we even had a friend from Cologne who visited us that weekend — and delivered a lecture!

As one can easily tell by comparing the pictures from PKN #1 to PKN #2 our audience grew.  Well, not enough for me considering that we again got some good coverage by the media — but progress can be seen.  We will have to work on that though.

I got a call from one family two days later.  They drove nearly an hour to join the event.  It was pointed out how impressed they were and how wonderful the evening was.  I am sure we will see them again at out Birstein PKN #3 — and that's why we already set up a date for that.

Cheers, Frank