PKN Birstein #2 is over.  It was a huge progress compared to our first event.  Speakers and the audience were happy both — no difference to last time here.  But our events growing is a nice thing to experience.

Five additional speakers to our core team (Anke an me) were quite a success.  Even though one of them got sick that day we still had six lectures which was excellent if one knows the circumstances in our region (check out the older blog posts).  The range of themes was amazing and we even had a friend from Cologne who visited us that weekend — and delivered a lecture!

As one can easily tell by comparing the pictures from PKN #1 to PKN #2 our audience grew.  Well, not enough for me considering that we again got some good coverage by the media — but progress can be seen.  We will have to work on that though.

I got a call from one family two days later.  They drove nearly an hour to join the event.  It was pointed out how impressed they were and how wonderful the evening was.  I am sure we will see them again at out Birstein PKN #3 — and that's why we already set up a date for that.

Cheers, Frank

Two days later. The first PKN in Birstein is over. No, I was not nervous before the event — but somehow eased after it …

There are different ways to look at PKN Birstein #1. In the front end I was not really enthusiastic that we had zero people for speaker's slots. I also felt disappointed about the rather small audience. Well, I knew we would not have a head start here on the countryside, where cultural events sometimes make me feel like one needed to create a new expression for not to misuse the word "culture". :-)

We (Anke and I) tried to make up for the missing speakers and prepared five lectures ourselves — instead of the expected two that we wanted to add to the zillions of applications. We really invested in our first PK speeches. Especially Anke did a great job and I have the strong feeling that she personally grew that evening: She delivered wonderful speeches about natural gardening and memories of the last years renovating our historic farm. Thank's for all of you support and enthusiasm, Anke!  

It was so good to see how much the audience liked what we delivered. People were quite amazed that something like this PKN did happen in our region. Even though I wished things were a little easier — we set up a nice event, the audience was as enthusiastic as the speakers and everyone was happy in the end.

How come I was happy — not having external speakers and a small audience only? Well, we already started to plan our next PKN event and we have some speakers in the pipeline! People start to notice that this is serious and a good thing to support.

I guess it will be a long way to achieve my goal to build a PK community here in our "Vogelsberg" region though. We made a start and sometimes this first step is the most important action in such a project.

I am thankful that Astrid and Mark gave us the chance to use the PK organization and network bring something to Birstein that is outstanding. I never expected that they would accept our application considering that we live a a small community "out in the woods". After our first PKN I feel that both Astrid and Mark in Tokyo and we in Birstein did the right thing. Birstein for sure is not Tel Aviv — but we will make PKN something that is unique for our rural region. And one day we might be a blueprint for other areas where "culture" is mostly defined as something that happens in the big cities only.

Cheers, Frank

A blog. Ok, why not write a blog to tell the world what we are doing here in Birstein/Germany? Here we go:

We're right in the middle. Finally. It was about time.

Our PKN Birstein #1 had to be postponed from May to June.  The marketing machine is about to start: To advertise our first event we scheduled a press meeting.

"Call for Papers" is open and we get in touch with creative people in our region.

Four more weeks and a day until PKN Birstein #1.