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14 OCT


Engine presents PechaKucha Night Biddeford...at the Pool! Join us for an evening of storytelling and community at the Biddeford Pool Community Club. Light refreshments provided.

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A Good Life

@ VOL 25 ON JAN 09, 2019

Stefa Normantas is a first-generation Lithuanian weaving a story of her family's arrival in Maine and her own story of returning to the homeland.

Stefa Normantas is a strategic event manager and managing partner of the New England Made Shows, the Philadelphia Furniture Show, and Green Tree Event Consultants, a Maine-based event service company. She’s a novice beekeeper, a creative gardener, and loves good beer. She and her husband, Frank, are the parents of four kids and live in Saco.

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Yes, I Am Not The Kind of Double Negative That Does Not Make Me Not Positive

@ VOL 25 ON JAN 09, 2019

Sean Hasey is a painter, sculptor, and musician, here in Biddeford. He has exhibited his work very little and sold even less, so subsidizes his art sales as a massage therapists at the newly opened Hark House, which he co-owns with his partner Chrystina—with whom he enjoys moderately long walks on the beach with their dog Max, romantic dinners at dusk, and bubble baths in the tub.

Finally, Hasey is the co-author of Merderers [sic], A Narative Text, and its underwhelming sequel, Merderers New York. Both works of fiction are best described as nearly post-apocalyptic forays into the immediate future. After one reader bought Merderers in a Portland bookstore, they returned to the store shortly after making their purchase, demanded their money back, and offered the following critique: “This piece of trash is completely amoral.”

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Photography to Inspire Action

@ VOL 25 ON JAN 09, 2019

Matilde Simas is an award-winning documentary photographer. Her work has brought her around the world, where to explore the theme of human rights and the resilience of human beings. 

Matilde’s ongoing documentary portrait series “Faces Behind Atrocity” is about survivors of labor trafficking, sex trafficking, and forced marriage, and was created for a United Nations World Day Against Trafficking in Persons campaign. “Faces Behind Atrocity” has received numerous international awards.

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A Couple Things I've Seen in the Past 16 Years

@ VOL 25 ON JAN 09, 2019

Elona Blue Bodwell is halfway through her junior year of high school. She began her working life as a bookseller at the tender age of 14 and is currently slinging coffee as a barista par excellence up the street at Elements. Artist, skateboarder, fashion guru, epic road-trip partner, loud laughter, fiercely loyal friend, and occasional Maine Public Radio on-air personality, Elona Blue has had her eyes focused hard on this weird world since the day she arrived in it.

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Teaching for Artistic Behavior

@ VOL 25 ON JAN 09, 2019

Margaret Burman lives in Saco with her two daughters and one husband. She used to teach middle school art but has found her niche teaching art in the elementary school setting—because: is there any phrase more likely to send a chill down an educator’s spine than “Middle Schooler”? No…no there isn’t.  

In addition to her teaching prowess, Margaret’s other superpower is coming up with new business ideas. If she had some follow through and any actual interest in having a business, she would probably be very wealthy.

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Circus Mektub

@ VOL 25 ON JAN 09, 2019

Amity Stoddard joined her first circus crew fifteen years ago, searching for the stories of the extraordinary people who move the show down the road. In her time with Circus Smirkus, Big Apple Circus, and Cirque du Soleil, she has loaded-in, set-up, torn-down, pulled stakes, cooked meals, justified ledgers, tracked down props, secured visas, driven big trucks and finessed fine print. 

Amity is currently working on a dual memoir with her husband, Sellam, a career circus artist and coach.  In 2015, Amity and Sellam formed The Sellam Circus School here in Biddeford.  In 2018, she launched CircuStories – a project dedicated to gathering, presenting, and archiving the stories of circus folks from around the world.

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The Wonder Bar 1935-1982

@ VOL 23 ON JUL 11, 2018

Spiros Droggitis looks back at the good ol' days when his family's Wonder Bar was the place where deals got made and the who's who of Maine politics rested their elbows on the downtown Biddeford establishment's mahogany bar.

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@ VOL 23 ON JUL 11, 2018

Jorge Cousineau synopsizes 25 years of work by theatrical performance group subcircle, based in Philadelphia, PA.


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