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Join us for a series of succinct and stimulating insights from a panel of inspiring creative speakers from across East Sussex and beyond. Share knowledge and ignite creativity and new ways of thinking! This informal evening of thinking and drinking will be co-curated with Tina Morris, Director of Sweet and Dandy as part of the Coastal Currents Festival 2019. The bar is open from 6.30 pm with presentations starting at 7.00pm.

Please purchase tickets in advance from www.dlwp.com as we regularly sell out.

Confirmed speakers include:

Sophie Shaw - Treatments: 17 Glass Plate Negatives

Drew Copus - The art of adventure

Melissa Bratton - Sustainable Fashion

Zeroh - 20 Years/20 Years


Sarah Gomes Harris - A wide blip

Joel White - Joel White Presents (a working title)

Benjamin Hunt - A Pea


Featured Presentation

Laura Dunton Clarke empathises with the multitude of women who, despite their abilities and achievements, have a persistent fear of being exposed as a ‘fraud', and advises on how to overcome the problem.

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Refugee Tales: changing the landscape, changing the language

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 18, 2019

Avril Loveless talks about her work with The Refugee Tales, a walk in solidarity with refugees and asylum seekers modelled on Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. They work with established writers to tell the tales of individuals who have experienced detention in the UK, and call for an end to indefinite detention.

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Lunar Perspective

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 18, 2019

Eloise Maltby Maland initiates a discussion on our relationship to territory, belonging and otherness in her fascinating work. From the Lunar House to the Moon and back on Earth, she uses notions of space travel and satellite images to question the way we map, control and understand the space around us.

"Notions of space travel transport us away to look back and see the Earth from a new perspective. Looking up to the skies in order to return the gaze on ourselves, to understand and question the Earth, evoking ideas of territory and wonder."

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@ VOL 13 ON JUN 18, 2019

Ron Wood, who is a volunteer at the De La Warr Pavilion, presents the work of one of the two architects behind the design of the building: Erich Mendelsohn.

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Children's Voices

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 18, 2019

Felicity Laurence delivers an inspiring presentation on the ways refugee children express their inner feelings through music and songwriting. She shares with us examples of the songs they wrote together, and the stories behind them.

"Long ago, I met some children who lived in Ethiopia. They had suffered war and famine. These children wrote pages, and pages and pages about their lives and their thoughts and they gave it to me. They wanted their stories to be heard."

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From Jordan to Hastings

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 18, 2019

Chloe White tells the stories of people who are on the margins of society in her documentaries. She shares with us memories from her travels, remembers the refugee families she met in Jordan and Greece, and talks about her experience as a buddy as part of the Hastings & Rother Refugee Buddy Project.

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From Hastings With Love, Portraiture as a process of self-discovery, creating identities and telling our stories

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 18, 2019

Rossana Leal is the Director of the Hastings and Rother Refugee Buddying Project and WOMA Women of The Year 2019. She explores the role of portraiture and photography in creating our own stories, remembering the people we encountered and the places that saw us grow and evolve. 

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When words cannot express

@ VOL 12 ON MAR 11, 2019

Following the tragic sudden death of her husband, Khadija Khan discovered her creative spirit through painting. She shares her story of grief and recovery along with a sequence of beautiful images she is making and exhibiting.

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Boozeup Behaviour for Drunken Dummies

@ VOL 12 ON MAR 11, 2019

Ella Clarke lays out the basic rules of proper etiquette in pubs, restaurants and other establishments which are licensed to sell alcoholic beverages. Based on her personal experiences gained working as bar staff, this witty and wise "dummies guide" is a sign of times.



Theatre Spaces

"I wanted to see what the already existed in the world as non-traditional but permanent performance space as inspiration for alternative space where drama can exist."
Theatre Spaces from PechaKucha Night Bexhill-on-Sea Vol. 7, Walter Hall shares his passion for performance, examining a plethora of theatre spaces throughout history and across the globe. He explains the evolution of theatre venues from the ancient Greeks to modern day Macau and how performance space can affect the plays occurring in them. 

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