Past Beijing Event: VOL 39

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VOL 39

May 03, 2019
@ National Agriculture Exhibition Center


Since its foundation in 2006, PechaKuchaBeijing chapter has been a comprehensive forum for architects, interior designers, fashion designers, artists and other art and design related professionals. In 2018, PechaKuchaBeijing was presented for the first time at“Design Beijing” Expo, bringing to the audience a new cross-border forum for art, design, lifestyle.

2019年PechaKuchaBeijing联合创始人孟令达NickyMeng和Lucia Rampanti在原有论坛基础之上增加了现场建筑师“予己”空间展览。展览位于北京全国农业展览馆1号馆S6.1-S6.6展位。本次跨界展不单纯局限于住宅建筑,还将展示与住宅、日常生活有关的领域,希望通过对不同领域和产业的交叉形成全新生活方式的展示,能够给大家带来一定启示。为观众打造互动空间, 同时为更富有想象力的居住空间提供可能性。

This year, 2019, Nicky Meng and Lucia Rampanti, co-founders of PechaKuchaBeijing added to the original forum an on-site exhibition under the theme“Design For Ourselves”. The exhibition is located at booths S6.1-S6.6 in Hall 1 of the National Agricultural Exhibition Center in Beijing. This exhibition is not limited to residential buildings. It will also showcase areas related to housing and daily life. The goal is to present a new lifestyle through the intersection of different fields and industries, inspire our visitors and create an interactive space for the audience while offering possibilities for a more imaginative living space.

 Nicky和Lucia邀请了来自意大利的“Plusout”、韩国“PLAT ASIA”、中国“介隐建筑”、日本“odd”、西班牙“CRG”、德国“CLOU”六个不同国家的建筑事务所为观众带来主题为“设计予己”的建筑师跨界展。以建筑师的创意构想思为出发点,尝试将“艺术、设计、生活”创新融合、多产业跨界合作。并于5月3日下午1点在“设计北京”论坛区举办第39届PechaKuchaBeijing论坛。

Nicky and Lucia invited 6 architecture firms from 6 different countries: Plusout (Italy), PLAT ASIA (South Korea), Zen-In (China), odd (Japan), CRG (Spain), and CLOU (Germany) to bring their interpretations of the theme "Design to Ourselves" to the audience of Design Beijing exhibition. The creative ideas of the architects will be the starting point to integrate innovation in art, design and lifestyle and to stimulate multi-industry cross-border cooperation. Last but not least the 39th PechaKuchaBeijing Forum will be held under the hat of“Design Beijing”on May 3rd starting from 1 pm.


PechaKuchaBeijing建筑师 “予己”空间展览&论坛

PechaKuchaBeijing Architect’s Design for Ourselves Exhibition & Lecture


Date : 30th April –3rd May 2019


Venue: S6.1- S6.6 Hall No.6 National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing


TopicDesign For Ourselves


1、Santi Musmeci / Plusout联合创始人 Plusout Design Studio Co-Founder

2、郑东贤 DH JUNG / PLAT ASIA联合创始人   PLAT ASIA Co-Founder

3、刘钰 Liu Yu / 介隐建筑合伙人Zen-In Architects Partner

4、出口 勉 DEGUCHI Tsutomu / odd创始人 the co-founder of odd (okamoto deguchi design)

5、卡洛斯 Carlos Gomez / CRG合伙人 CRG Partner

6、杨克, Jan F. Clostermann / CLOU董事 CLOU Director


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