Past Atlanta Event: VOL 37

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VOL 37

October 07, 2018
@ Brother Moto

Death, disease, environmental ruin, personal finances... we've got all the things that keep you up at night! Our presenters will bring the monsters out from under the bed. Prepare yourself for the sad, the scary, the most depressing PK ever!

Join us for an evening of fast paced presentations!.Presenters have just 20 seconds X 20 slides to share their stories.

Julie Harris
epidemiologist, CDC in Atlanta
Henry Slack
Mechanical Engineer, US EPA Region 4 in Decatur GA
Kumar Krishnan
Mental Health Counselor, Self - Employed in Atlanta
Michelle Waymire
Financial Advisor, Young + Scrappy in Atlanta
Theresa Prestwood
Executive Director, Kate's Club in Atlanta
Lilli Lindbeck
medical coder in Atlanta
Trevor Dworetz
Account Manager, Civic Dinners in Atlanta
Solomon Chase
Filmmaker, Batteryfire in Atlanta