Past Atlanta Event: VOL 28

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VOL 28

February 21, 2016
@ Elevator Factory

We are excited to bring you PechaKucha Night Atlanta Vol. 28 and we're checking out a brand new space! 

Join us on Sunday, Feb. 21st at Elevator Factory, a new co-working space found between Octane Coffee Grant Park and Six Feet Under. 

An exciting line-up of presenters is already coming together and we're looking forward to seeing you then!


We are happy to announce that Stella Artois will kindly provide some of their tasty via the new Nova draft system. Come thirsty, leave with a Stella chalice!

RSVP, plan, mark a calendar, do whatever you wish but we hope to see you there! 

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The Orisha Pantheon: Bad-ass Ancient Gods in Modern World

@ VOL 28 ON FEB 21, 2016

Ama McKinley grew up in a Southern Baptist household but after a trip to Africa, to Mozambique, she came back with a strong interest in her African roots and African divinity. "...And then I found a group of gods and goddesses that looked like me..." Ama became an initiate, "... a Padawan..." of the Orisha and she joins PechaKucha Night Atlanta to tell us a bit more about the religion and her experience, personally. 

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Attachment: The Science of Love

@ VOL 28 ON FEB 21, 2016

We are all attached and we have been since we were just wee little babies. Amanda Carver comes to PKN ATL to tell us about the four attachment styles (anxious, avoidant, fearful avoidant, and secure) and how partners tend to become locked in an attachemnet cycle. Knowing your attachement style is the first step to better understanding your partner and can help bridge the gaps that may arise in any relationship. Pick up some of the knowldge Amanda puts down at PechaKucha Night Atlanta Vol 28! 

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Street Fashion Blogging

@ VOL 28 ON FEB 21, 2016

Cameron Adams, Vol. 18 alumni, is back to update us on street fashion blogging here in Atlanta. Most Atlanta-iens will know Cameron and his ninja-like ability to snap his fashion photos. Now, listen as Cameron describes his start in street fashion blogging, his inspiration, what he looks for, and how he makes his photographs! 

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Behind the Podium: Jeopardy!

@ VOL 28 ON FEB 21, 2016

Alex Trebek loves the SNL parodies of his legendary show. What is the minimum bet for a Daily Double? What else might you not know about Jeopardy!? What is, of course most everything unless you listen to Dave Leach guide us through the selection process of Jeopardy! contestants and other #BTS aspects of this legendary game show. Keep your button ready and good luck on the Daily Doubles!

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Mindful Play

@ VOL 28 ON FEB 21, 2016

Dee Wagner joins us to discuss mindful play and how it may be used in place of the third reaction style that follows the two known reactions "fight" & "flight"... The third is "shutdown" and is a reposnse when neither 'fight' not 'flight' are an option... Mindful play has its roots in the polyvagal theory and Dee walks us through responses, the nexus of her mindful play approach, and peppers it all with her own personal story. 

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How I Understand the Work I Do (and Myself) Better Because of My Little Sister

@ VOL 28 ON FEB 21, 2016

"My sister reminds me every day why I do the work that I do, why these open, hard conversations are important, how we learn from them and how we help ourselves and others by having them"

In How I Understand the Work I Do (and Myself) Better Because of My Little Sister from PechaKucha Night Atlanta Vol. 28Jessica Caldas shares about the impact her little sister has on her and her art. Caldas is an aritist based in Atlanta and one whose work stems from challenging subject matter such as domestic abuse and sexual violence. Over the last year, Jessica's younger sister Shoshana has increasingly become an influence in Jessica's work through her openess, honesty, and challenging nautre. Jessica stood before strangers, some friends, and her sister to tell everyone of the special bond these two have and what the bond has meant for Jessica's art.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Tuesday July 19th, 2016. 

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7(ish?) Lessons in Handmade Living

@ VOL 28 ON FEB 21, 2016

“I’m that annoying friend that can’t just sit and watch a movie, I knit and watch a movie. But I also make really awesome homemade gifts for everybody so you know– they can only get so mad about it.”

When you hear the word “homestead” what do you think of? I think of the old west in the US of A’s past, of folk heading out into the unknown with just their wits and wares and know-how. In 7(ish?) Lessons in Handmade Living from PechaKucha Night Atlanta Volume 28, speaker Kimberly Coburn would do just fine out there on her own given that she is helping revive the hand-me-down knowledge that was once passed from generation to generation but has somehow stopped now. Sewing, smithy work, growing food, glass making, and more! Tune in to hear Kimberly make the case for bringing back the “old knowledge”!

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Monday, May 9th, 2016. 

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A Zero-Waste Junkie's Journey to Pesto

@ VOL 28 ON FEB 21, 2016

“Three R's! The waste hierarchy! It’s a hierarchy because reducing is more effective than reusing and reusing is more effective than recycling.”

In A Zero-Waste Junkie's Journey to Pesto from PechaKucha Night Atlanta’s 28th volume speaker Lisa Pellegrino discusses what she has learned while recovering from being a “zero-waste junky”. As part of her recovery she is ensuring that she is part of A (not THE) solution on a micro scale. Hear Lisa’s background in sustainability, where that background led her, and where she has followed that road to today… (Hint: pesto is part of it).

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Tuesday, April 20th, 2016. 

Cameron Adams
photographer and blogger, self in Atlanta
Kitti Murray
Founder, Refuge Coffee Co. in Clarkston
Ama McKinley
Initiated Orisha Priestess in Atlanta
Dave Leach
Software Developer in Atlanta, Georgia
Jessica Caldas
Artist in Atlanta
Lisa Pellegrino
MBA in Sustainable Systems candidate, Pinchot University in Atlanta
Kimberly Coburn
Aspiring Homesteader, The Homestead Atlanta in Decatur
Amanda Carver
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Amanda Carver, LMFT, LLC in Atlanta
Dee Wagner
Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Certified Dance Therapist, Dance Teacher, Author, self in Atlanta