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Kym Verhovshek

Defiant Requiem Verdi at Terezin: Asheville 2019 in Asheville

Kym Verhovshek has partnered with Carolina Jews for Justice and other local social justice groups to bring the unique and profoundly motivational multi-media concert-drama, Defiant Requiem: Verdi at Terezin to Asheville in June 2019. Music often reaches the heart and soul when words can not. The arts and humanities offer hope and inspiration, and this performance will be led by 8+ weeks of educational programming created for and coordinated with area schools, colleges, and the public. The goal is to create awareness by sharing past experiences, and through education and these conversations to participate in shaping the future.

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@ VOL 121 ON JAN 28, 2015

James Greer talks about how Nonclassical was able to impact the music world by incorporating modern environment and beats into classical music. Through Nonclassical, more young and rising musicians will be better supported and new audience will gain the taste for classical music. 

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At the Intersection of the Personal, the Historical, and the Musical


Andrew Koehler, Associate Professor of Music at Kalamazoo College + Music Director and Conductor of the Kalamazoo Philharmonia : Yevhen Stankovych is a contemporary Ukrainian composer, and his 1993 Requiem for Those Who died of Famine memorializes one of the most catastrophic, largely overlooked tragedies of the 20th Century: the Holodomor, in which millions of Ukrainians died from an artificial famine created largely by Stalin's orders. The work will receive its US premiere next spring, performed in Chicago and Kalamazoo by the Kalamazoo Philharmonia and the Bach Festival Chorus, led by conductor Andrew Koehler. This music -- by turns haunting and riveting -- bears particular resonance for Koehler, who has studied and taught about the Holodomor and is a heritage speaker of Ukrainian.

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Bach to Bush

@ VOL 22 ON AUG 02, 2017

Louise King is a contemporary classical musician, a cellist with extensive international experience and training, she is an inspiring concert artist, teacher, recording artist, adjudicator and event producer.  Louise talks about how her dreams of using music to bring about social change and bringing classical music to regional Australia. 

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@ VOL 21 ON FEB 17, 2018


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Murder and Honey: a Defiant Playbook for Community Engagement in the Midwest

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 06, 2018

Adrienne Palm is a director at Northeast Wisconsin Gener8tor for the gBETA program which provides support for early stage companies. Adrienne has worked extensively in the community through non-traditional programs and events. Tonight, she’ll speak on Murder and Honey: A Defiant Playbook for Community Engagement in the Midwest.


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IN A LANDSCAPE: Classical Music in the Wild

@ VOL 26 ON JUN 18, 2018

IN A LANDSCAPE: Classical Music in the Wild is an outdoor concert series in stunning landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Hunter Noack brings a 9-foot Steinway grand piano to the middle of forests, fields, calderas and historical sites for classical music concerts. To meet the acoustical challenges of performing in the wild, music is transmitted to the concert-goers via wireless headphones. No longer confined to seats, they can explore the landscape, wander through secret glens, lie in sunny meadows, and roam old growth forests.

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Kanye West: Recall, Revoke, Remix, and Requiem (ed)

@ VOL 9 ON JUL 27, 2018

Kina Reed met this guy when she was 20 years old. The first time she heard Kanye on a track he answered questions she didn’t even realize she was asking at the time. Losing him means something. And Kina believes it probably signifies a lot of things that need to be explored.

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Indian Classical Music and the Guru-Shishya Tradition

@ VOL 50 ON SEP 04, 2018

Along with learning the techniques of rendering music, when a dedicated disciple shares the values and vision of his teacher, a “Guru-Shishya” bond is established. An insightful guru makes sure that the disciple rises above the aesthetics and connects with the divine, a remarkable tradition of Indian Classical Music.

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Joining paths: materials and music

@ VOL 2 ON NOV 01, 2018

Martha Williford Avrett is a graduate of the Juilliard School of Music and studied opera at the Manhattan School. She sang leading roles as a classical mezzo-soprano at Houston Grand Opera. Marriage brought her to Stillwater where she found master teacher, metalsmith Chris Ramsay. She taught 3D design and beginning jewelry at OSU and assisted at Penland and Haystack School of Crafts. Two performances as soloist with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic brought her back into music. Presently she teaches classical voice in the OSU Department of Music.