Past Amman Event: VOL 3

Large wide leaders of change


November 24, 2018
@ Zinc: Zain Innovation Campus

This event sheds the light on some of the local initiatives and projects who have created a positive ripple effect of change within their communities, pioneered by a number of individuals/ groups who decided to pay it forward and be the change they wanted to see in the world. The list of speakers includes a wide range of creative individuals with backgrounds in architecture, art, photography, illustration, and humanitarian advocacy.

Zaid Souqi
in Amman
Ahmad Farah
Singer in Amman
Rand El Haj Hasan
Architect, Rand El Haj Hasan Architects in Amman
Abeer Seikaly
Architect and Cultural Producer, Abeer Seikaly in Amman
Muna Haddad
in Amman
Basma Nazer
Social Entrepreneur in Amman
Dina Haddadin
Architect & Visual Artist, Dina Haddadin in Amman
Lina Al-Adnani
social entrepreneur, adam wa mishmish in Amman
Bashar Humeid
Environment Journalist, Meezan Arabia in Amman
Mohamed Zakaria
Photographer, Zkria in Amman
Linda Al-Khoury
Photographer in Amman