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Beverly Dillon

Personal Trainer & Dog Runner, Self in Akron

Running Dog


"Running is as much a stress reliever for dogs as it is for humans."

In Running Dog from PechaKucha Night Akron Vol. 3Beverly Dillon shares how the #RunningDog program has helped dogs become more adoptable, how the program is helping dogs cope with their surroundings, and how the program is enriching the lives of the volunteer runners.

Dillon attended Kent State University and studied Fine Art before launching on a colorful career path. She spent many years as a florist, enjoyed time as a barista and expressed herself as a tattoo artist before becoming certified as a personal trainer. She is an avid runner and offers a dog running service to private clients.
Beverly started the ‪#‎RunningDog‬ program at One of a Kind Pet Rescue in Akron. #RunningDog is a program that allows runners to volunteer their time to give the rescue dogs much needed exercise. The program also uses social media to give the rescue dogs much needed exposure.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, August 24th, 2016. 

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Life Lessons From My Dog

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 20, 2013

Normanda Lawless shares with us some of the life lessons she learned from her dog. This includes things like smiling every day, appreciating even the little things, and remaining curious.

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Got Dog?

@ VOL 10 ON JAN 30, 2014

In gratitude to our courageous military heroes, Judy Keene left corporate America two years ago to become a full-time volunteer and administrator for Next Step Service Dogs. Here, an inspiring group of people train service dogs for veterans with PTSD. Next Step trains rescue dogs to be amazing service dogs, whose job is to serve their veteran with trained behaviors that diminish or prevent seizures and sense anxiety. 


To help those who are unable to afford the cost of a service animal, we created a guide that breaks down the total costs of obtaining a service dog, and provide a list of several alternative methods for financing these costs.

We also included a list of accredited organizations who provide complete or partial financial assistance for several different causes and individuals in need.

Please follow the link below to our Guide:

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Why I Quit My Job To Spend More Time With My Dog

@ VOL 8 ON JUL 18, 2015

Listen to Abishek Sridharan's story of his labrador Bamm Bamm and why it is important to be the person your dog thinks you are. 

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Double Dog Dare You

@ VOL 7 ON JUN 30, 2015

Speaking at Pecha Kucha Saint Augustine for the second time, Sheila Veatch double dog dares us all to take the risk, light the sparkler, get out there and do it. Life is short and the clock is tick tocking. 

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Dog + Ma = Dogma

@ VOL 16 ON NOV 12, 2016

The Greek definition of Dogma is that which one thinks is true. In the case of Pam Woodson and her adopted shelter dog, Sully, the line between what Pam thinks is true is what Sully thinks is true may not matter, as long as Pam can become the person her dog thinks she is. Please enjoy this presentation as Pam channels the voice of Sully to share their life together.

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Dog is My Co-Pilot

ON APR 28, 2017

Kiyoto Masunaga shares about dog ownership while living in temporary housing in earthquake-hit Kumamoto, Japan. 

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Dog Rescue - Fostering Adventure

@ VOL 2 ON APR 25, 2017

Jamie Kruspel shares his journey rescuing and fostering dogs. The fun, the chaos, the they become part of my family then their own as they find their forger homes.

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The One With a Dog on the Stage

@ VOL 31 ON SEP 14, 2017

That silence you hear at the beginning of this presentation is a vital component to its existence. You see, there was an actual, living breathing, fluffy as can be, dog on the stage. That silence was the entire audience collectively mooning over the adorable fur baby that stood as a living prop for James Turner's presentation.  It is PKN Winnipeg's sole duty in life now to make sure there is at least one dog per event night from this moment forward.  Proceed.  

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The Obi Project: Lessons about being an artist I learned from my dog

@ VOL 9 ON JUL 27, 2018

Over their 6 year relationship, Tara Houston and her dog have taught each other quite a bit. He knows how to sit, shake, and say 'Hi,' and she knows how to avoid some pitfalls that plagued her prior to her dog-induced lifestyle changes. She's helped him become a snuggly loving dog and he’s helped make her a better artist and educator.