Past Adelaide Event: VOL 16

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VOL 16

August 22, 2015
@ Art Gallery of South Australia [Radford Auditorium]

#PKNADL16 - "Artists Voice "

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A SALA Festival / PechaKucha Night - Adelaide collaboration
DATEL August 22nd and 23rd, 2015
VENUE: The Art Gallery of South Australia [Radford Auditorium]
TIME: [Various] - see session times below - Please also consider attending the Panel Discussions between the PechaKucha Night - Adelaide presentations.

#PKNADL16 - "Artists Voice" - 2 Days/12 speakers - Twelve speakers present in four time slots, over two days in collaboration with SALA for "Artists Voice" - Forum Weekend where a series of speakers and panel discussions reflect the diversity of visual arts practice in South Australia.

PECHAKUCHA NIGHT - Adelaide - Presentation times


Session #1 – 1.25pm

1. Bridget Currie

2. Sue Kneebone

3. Will Nolan

Session #2 – 3.25pm

4. Johnnie Dady - "VESPA"

5. Christian Lock

6. Julia Robinson


Session #3 – 10.45pm 

7. Meg Wilson

8. Emmaline Zanelli 

9. Roy Ananda

Session #4 – 12.30pm 

10. Jenna Pippett  - "'Death, but not the sad kind'."

11. Julie Henderson

12. Henry Jock Walker and Amanda Radomi

For more on the SALA Festival - Panel Discussion times, please visit the SALA Festival - Artist Voice - Forum Weekend website page by clicking this -> link



Johnnie Dady
Artist, Self Employed/Various Education Institutions in Adelaide
Roy Ananda
Visual artist, Head of Drawing , Adelaide Central School of Art in Adelaide
Bridget Currie
Sculptor, Photographer, Performer and videographer in Adelaide
Emmaline Zanelli
Artist in Adelaide
Amanda Radomi
Artist in Adelaide
Henry Jock Walker
Artist in Adelaide
Julie Henderson
Artist/Educator, Flinders University and TAFESA in Adelaide
Julia Robinson
- Position Audience context Wed 22nd July Artist, in Adelaide
Jenna Pippett
in Adelaide
Meg Wilson
Artist/Project Coordinator, Access2Arts/Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide
Sue Kneebone
Artist in Adelaide
Will Nolan
Artist/Lecturer , Self/Adelaide College of the Arts in Adelaide
Christian Lock
Artist/Lecturer , Self/Adelaide College of the Arts in Adelaide