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PechaKucha Event

November 28, 2014


Under the proposed theme Old City Vs. New City , a diverse selection of speakers, representing different perspectives of interest and action will present their thoughts and experiences on this broad theme. They are invited to reflect upon the past experiences and expectations of the CITY, the present impressions, and the hopes and dreams for the future. The CITY, as a place of living, is built upon the usage of the geographic spaces that we occupy. As such, either the city we live now, either a city where we lived before or just an ideal city, a place which we can claim as our city. THIS IS MY CITY!

Since 2007, the “Cultural Association +853” has been organizing and promoting an event called “THIS IS MY CITY ” which through the years has evolved to be a festival, the “THIS IS MY CITY –The Creative Festival”. This yearly festival aggregates several types of activities such as workshops, conferences, exhibitions, creative installations, creative residencies, performances and music concerts.

This Festival is a multidisciplinary and multicultural event that focuses on four key aspects: Creativity, Innovation, Urban Culture and Technology.

Its program comprise several activities that are usually grouped in for 4 sets of activities Educational Actions (workshops and conferences), Exhibitions (exhibitions and installations), Performances (concerts and shows) and Creative Residencies (creative and artistic interchange programs between Macau and foreign countries).

This year (2014) marks the 8th edition of THIS IS MY CITY, and the year when the event bluntly assumes itself as a festival, The Creative Festival, possibly the only festival, in Macau, showcasing and aimed at the Creative Industries universe as whole.

"Powered by PechaKucha" events are one-off events that are separate from regular city-based PechaKucha Nights, and that are usually held as part of festivals and conferences, but can also act as standalone events. These events include presentations that use the PechaKucha 20 images x 20 seconds format."

Contact us below if you would like to use the PechaKucha format in your event.

Gerald Estadieu
Lecturer, University of Saint Joseph in Macau
Paulo Rego
Shiori Y