Past Powered by PechaKucha Event: PechaKucha Event

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PechaKucha Event

October 31, 2014
@ B2

設計師之夜在台中 Powered by PechaKucha in Taichung

There will be 15 presenters delivering their designs, thoughts, and conceptions though a method of 20x20 presentation. A party will be held after the presentation and it is a great time to interact with designers in different fields. We all sincerely invited you to join this splendid night with all the designers.


  1. Cha Wang - Taichung Metropolitan Opera House Project Manager
  2. Yi Xiang Zhao - Architects
  3. Wei Fang - Architectural Design
  4. Rain Wu - RCA Architects
  5. Ozzie Su - Ozzie Art Consultants
  6. CosmoC Design - Lighting Design
  7. Ming-Jen Hsueh - Landscape Architecture
  8. Wei Zheng TU - Artists
  9. Miing - Photographer
  10. Yan Ya Huang - Own brand designer
  11. Sean - RH+/O Fixed Gear
  12. Athena Chuang - Fashion

"Powered by PechaKucha" events are one-off events that are separate from regular city-based PechaKucha Nights, and that are usually held as part of festivals and conferences, but can also act as standalone events. These events include presentations that use the PechaKucha 20 images x 20 seconds format."

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