“At the moment our culture doesn’t really allow us to talk about sex.”

Katie Cowan wants us to talk more about sex. And in “I Want to Talk about Sex” from PKN Christchurch Vol. 20, she goes into depth on reasons how sex can be a great thing, and how open and frank discussions about sex can only help bridge the void between men, women, and their partners.

"Powered by PechaKucha" events are one-off events held separately from regular PechaKucha Night series, and we'd like to highlight the wonderful charity-minded presentations from the recent "BCCJ Community Hub" event in Tokyo.

“I traveled the world, made friends - but lost 5 years of it in an instant.”

Tamim Al-Kadasi is a traveler, teacher, and friend to many in countries from all over. In “Only Memory” from PKN Sana’a Vol. 4, he speaks of an accident that altered his life, had him lose 5 years of memory, and how it has strengthened and empowered him to create new ones.

If we can strip to our true essence, we can embrace our own story.

Using images of painted bodies, and a talk laced with quotes by famous people of wisdom, Tirza Shelton shows us how self-enriching it can be to shed the layers we have all been cloaking our true selves in since Adam and Eve first tasted the fruit of knowledge. In “The Naked Truth” from PKN Williamsburg Vol. 9, find out what is at your core.

Creating new photo albums for families who lost theirs in natural disasters; this is Photohoku. 

Brian Scott Peterson and Yuko Yoshikawa go into depth on Photohoku: a photographic movement founded in response to the giant earthquake that shook Japan in 2011.

In "Photohoku 2.0" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 116 we see it's now a movement whereby photographers take photos of families affected by disasters, and give the photo albums back to the families themselves. It has grown into a global photo-giving, fundraising movement and has spread to the US, the Philippines, Australia, Korea, and many more. 

The statistics are overwhelming: 27 million men, women, and children are held in slavery across the world.

Amy Heague's daughter was about the same age as many of the children she came across being held as slaves in Cambodia.

In "27 Million" from PKN Forster Vol. 2, she discusses the reasons why Cambodia became notorious for human trafficking, and the actions she has taken to combat and drive out these horrific injustices. Amy encourages us to find the fire within ourselves to ruthlessly stamp out these practices any way we can.

Go out there. Search for your colors. Put as many on your palette as you can, mix them, and make them your own. 

Kairini Guay is a native of Western Sumatra who has lived in Bangor, Maine for ten years. Currently, Khairini is studying computer information systems and earning her MBA at Husson University. In "Journey, Cultural Diversity, and Dreams" from PKN Bangor, ME Vol. 12, she presents about the colors of her life and her journey through a multicultural world. She speaks about her home in Sumatra, it's matrilinear culture, and tells us some historical myths. 



"I literally left court, stole a car, and a half a kilo of cocaine from a local Columbian dealer..."

In "Learning to Love in the 90s" from PKN Baltimore, MD Vol. 3, restauranteur Tony Harrision shares his interesting and colorful life journey through drugs, prison, and finally learning how to live, love, and find contentment. 

"The crisis in Syria has been ongoing for about three years, and defenseless victims have often been the most dramatically affected."

Children are unable to go to school as well as enduring major psychological trauma and a loss of any sense of possession. In "Books for Syria" from PKN Sharjah Vol. 5Shada El Sayed introduces a program that addresses these issues by giving them books. A network of illustrators and authors, Books for Syria creates books for children to reinstill hope back into their lives. 

The Battle We Didn't Choose

What would you do if the one you loved was diagnosed with cancer?

When photographer Angelo Meredino's wife was diagnosed with cancer, he did what he does best: capture her story through the lens of his camera.

In "The Battle We Didn't Choose" from PKN Cleveland Vol. 22, hear Angelo's simultaneously heart-breaking and amazing story, and his thought-provoking approach to life and love.