With its diverse history, abundantly beautiful natural surroundings, and the groundbreaking Nagoya Castle architecture, Nagoya offers plenty of grand landmarks for both residents and travelers. This incredible city will be hosting its 34th volume of PechaKucha Night on November 17th and we are all excited to see more amazing content from them soon. Hope to see you all there!

Known as the birthplace of Rembrandt, the great Dutch painter, Leiden continues to preserve its artistic traditions with its vibrant 17th-century buildings and scenic canals that open new pathways to your inner peace. On November 7th, Leiden is having an extra-special Japan themed event for PechaKucha Night Leiden Vol. 25. You definitely don't want to miss this one! Hope to see you all there!

Fly with us to Izmir in this week's City's Focus. Situated on the western edge of Turkey, Izmir draws you into a world of picturesque modernity and colorful tradition. Its' glorious traditional architecture makes one reminisce of a time where one could easily lose themselves in the beauty of the world around them.  Come out and join us on November 1st for PechaKucha Night Izmir Vol. 19! See you there.

Uniquely characterized with 33 islands, an archipelago island country in the Persian Gulf known as Bahrain takes the special spotlight in this week's City Focus. Many believe that Bahrain may have been the biblical Garden of Eden for its prime location as an oasis of fertility in ancient times in a mainly desolated region. With PechaKucha Night Bahrain Vol. 8 coming up soon, let's wish them the very best and we hope to hear about your amazing presentations in the near future! We are all rooting for you, Bahrain!

With its exquisite natural beauty, Ankara steals this week's PechaKucha City Focus. As the capital of Turkey, it has an impressive population of over 4 million people. Ankara is also known as the "Green City" due to its lush green landscapes and heavy involvement in agriculture. Reflecting its long and eventful history, the remains from the Roman Empire such as Temple of Roma and Augustus are proudly standing to this day. Let's all wish the PKN Ankara team the best of luck on October 20th at PechaKucha Night Ankara Vol. 3! Go green or go home!

In celebration of their very first PechaKucha Night, we shine the City Focus spotlight upon the picturesque Uppsala, Sweden. With architectural marvels such as the magnificent 13th-century Uppsala cathedral, the historical ambiance of the city is appreciated amongst both historians and tourists alike. Besides the city's eminent historical significance, Uppsala's delightful landscapes entice you to connect with its natural surroundings and warm spirited inhabitants. We are truly looking forward to what PKN Uppsala has to share at their first ever event!

Also, we would like to extend a big welcome to Linda, PechaKucha Uppsala's Organizer, to the PechaKucha family! Good luck, Linda!

For this week's City Focus, we travel to the majestic city of Budapest. Budapest is certainly a one stop shop for all things art and entertainment, having more than 40 theaters and over 100 museums and galleries within the city limits. Exciting concerts and festivals are held year-round at venues like the legendary Opera House, which is considered to be the best opera house in the world. This city is a timeless piece of art that will surely take your breath away. Check out PechaKucha Night Budapest Vol. 61 this week on October 4th. Go get 'em, Budapest!

A picture perfect time is just around the corner for this week’s City Focus spotlight. Located in the Canadian Province of Alberta, Calgary is known for its rich cultural diversity and abundant sunshine. With its multicultural competency of 120 languages and delectable hearty cuisine, there's no wonder its among the top 5 most livable cities on Earth. We are looking forward to yet another amazing night showcasing Calgary's radiant local talents at PechaKucha Night Calgary Vol. 34. Hope to see you all there! 

Take a leisurely walk on the beach with us in Pensacola, Florida for this week's City Focus. Combining its rich history and beautiful beaches that cover 50 miles of its coastline, Pensacola is truely an intruiging and eye-catching city. With their passion for bringing people together through creativity, community outreach programs, and its fascinating history, their presentations reflect the true heart of Pensacolans. Please check out their city page to learn more about all the wonderful things Pensacola has got going on! We wish the PKN Pensacola team the very best of luck on their 13th volume on September 22nd. Hope to see you all there!

This week's City Focus features the beautiful historic town of Taos, New Mexico. The rustic adobe buildings as seen at the Taos Pueblo, inhabited by Native Americans for centuries, influence the city's appreciation for natural artistic beauty. Taos offers many galleries and museums that showcase regional artwork which make hosting PechaKucha Nights in this arist-filled city something unique and special. They are hosting their 28th volume on the 16th of September at the Taos Center for the Arts and we look forward to what the Taos community has to share. Be ready to be inspired!