In light of the unfortunate events unfolding in Texas, PechaKucha Night San Antonio Organizers have humbly invited those within their community to join in solidarity with the victims and evacuees of Hurricane Harvey. Alongside the San Antonio Food Bank, both organizers, and attendees of vol. 27 have banded together to raise funds for those affected by this devastating natural disaster. In sharing their passions and inspirations, Vol. 27's  presenters have brought some optimism to the situation, inspiring us all to find a way to help. 


PechaKucha 9000! All Aboard!

Well, we've done it again, and by "we", we actually mean YOU! This month PechaKucha has reached 9000 presentations uploaded online from all over the world, another amazing milestone! Speaking from the conductors seat, we can witness the truly incredibly collection of creativity we are amassing together, and recognizing the importance of archiving the world's creativity. Just think of the body of creativity will be able to pass to the next generation! Thank you Pechakucha community, for keeping this PechaKucha locomotive headed straight on down the line. Next stop 10,000!!!

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall began the Royal tour in Oman with an introduction to PechaKucha Muscat Organizer Sara Fida. Their visit's aim is to promote the U.K.'s partnerships in the region in key areas such as supporting women in leadership and creating youth opportunities. We trust Sara will be an invaluable asset to their Royal Highnesses's efforts. Way to go Sara! 

Hats off to PechaKucha Tokyo who teamed up with Tokyo Design week to kick off their creative week of festivities! Hosting a star-studded line-up of presenters, they "tore the roof off the mutha", ...literally ...with their Vol. 140 out under the stars! Check out the presentations and photos here

8000 PechaKucha Presentations now ONLINE! That's one small step for PechaKucha, one giant leap for our interstellar network of creativity! Congratulations to all of our 928 PechaKucha Cities contributing to what has become the largest archive of creativity orbiting our solar system!!

PKN Archives!

Never has there been a better time to dive into the PechaKucha Presentation Archive that we are amassing, now 7000 presenations deep, (that's 140,000 images)! With over 50 PKN presentations being added every week, it's becoming more clear the value of the 20x20 format and the library of creative content we'll be passing along to the next generation! 

Last weekend PechaKucha HQ wrapped it's 2nd annual Pow Wow, where City Organizers from across the globe decended on Tokyo for a long weekend of sharing their city's creativity and discussing the future of PechaKucha. It was truly a global success! Expect to see and hear more about it in the coming days and weeks! 

PechaKucha found its way to the city of Yellowknife, in Canada's frigid Northwest Territories, where the 20x20 format recently helped residents share perspectives on one of the region's favorite pastimes, winter walking. From transportation, activism, or exercise, and more, their walking presentations from Vol. 1 are afoot! 

Last week PechKucha Night Tokyo flew is colors loud at proud at Tokyo Design Week for their Vol. 129 Special and largest PKN of the year! A Fuji Mountain of thanks goes out to all the amazing people, from speakers, to guests, to producers who helped make it an amazing night! Stay tuned for more updates!  

We're almost "dun" here for the weekly update, with another quick stop "dun-under" at PechaKucha Night Dunsborough, who hosted their Vol. 17 this season to a packed audience at the legendary Pour House. Check out their past presentations and look forward to the creativity coming out of the batch! Well done, Dunsborough!