“I was ready to pursue my dreams — however dangerous they may be.”

Adventurer Mike Reid shares his journey kayaking from the west coast of Japan to South Korea. In “Crossing Seas and Authorities” from PKN Tokyo Vol. 121, he shows us that riding the Sea of Japan/Korea was not always the most difficult aspect of the expedition — there’s always customs.

“This is one of the most iconic ski-jumping structures constructed.”

PechaKucha co-founder Mark Dytham takes us on a tour of some of the most outstanding ski jumps found around the world. In “Ski Jumps of the World" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 120, he highlights the historical aspects of the sport of ski jumping -- and being the Englishman that he is, giving props to the one and only Eddie the Eagle.

Now why would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane anyway?

Skilled skydiver Lyn Langlais answers this question well: “Simply to live life.” In “Superior Skydiving” from PKN Duluth Vol. 1, Lyn shows us that she enjoys the thrill that skydiving gives her, the sense of accomplishment she feels upon landing, and the life that fills her the moment before she jumps.

“You can’t plan an adventure, but you can live in a way that allows for adventure.

Embrace the unknown, be ready to take a big risk, and when everything goes wrong remember there was a reason you started it — that’s your adventure.”

Brothers James Nord and Dylan Nord grew up going on adventures, riding bikes, building forts, and playing pretend. A few decades later they were still riding bikes, racing them now, but had lost that sense of adventure and child-like delight of their youth.

In “Adventures in Cycling” from PKN Brooklyn Vol. 1 we see their solution — deux north — was to get together with a bunch of friends, go on adventures again, embrace the unknown, and film it the whole way.

Ever ridden a crocodile bike? We thought not -- these two sculptors build them:

Raymond Rawls and Lorraine Duerden explore the potential for using abandoned, recycled bicycles as the foundation to create large-scale ambulatory kinetic sculpture. In "Bike-Powered Kinetic Sculpture" from PKN Gainesville, Vol. 10, they speak about the creation process of these animal-themed rideable sculptures, and the community parades where they put them on display.

Two tickets to the gun show. Take a tour? 

Ben Nicholson, frustrated by his raccoon problem, decides on which gun to use in plans to skin it, eat it and make it into a hat to match his fur coat. In "Raccoon Problem? There's a Gun for That" from PKN Chicago Vol. 28 he humorously describes different types of guns in hopes to stop his raccoon friend from visiting his log cabin. 

Did you know that hitting a heavy bag for 60 minutes will burn over 1000 calories per hour?

Sheila Molloy believes that boxing is a sport well-suited for anyone: moms, dads, kids, even grandmothers. In "Suburban Boxing" from PKN Winnipeg Vol. 15 she shares some fun and creative techniques that she hopes will help get the world to enjoy the healthy benefits and well-being that comes from hitting a heavy bag. 

Cycling isn't back in style -- it never left. 

Richard Hayman describes his two passions: cycling and architecture. They may seem like two different ideas, but they have more similarities between them then people may think. In "Cycling is the New Black" from PKN Christchurch Vol. 18, Richard talks in more detail about the relationship between cycles and architecture and how both are a series of different parts that join together to make a beautiful whole. 

Wild dogs, extreme weather, high hurdles and devious competitors -- long distance running is more vicious a sport than most would think!

In "The Absurdities of Long Distance Running" from Ho Chi Minh City Vol. 6, Mike Clancy details his illustrious 10-year career as a cross-country runner and some of the inane challenges that long-distance runners face. 

"If it involves hanging upside down while trying to make my body imitate a pretzel, I'm into it."

Darci Thabes loves the acrobatic sport of pole dancing. In "Life on the Pole" from PKN Bemidji Vol. 19, Darci talkes about what the life of a recreational pole dancer is like, and we find that even those who have been practicing pole for years are still learning new moves.