The latest edition of PechaKucha night in the rip-roarin' Michigan city of Grand Rapids (Vol. 6) came and went, and a quick recap of the night was recorded in The Rapidian.

Here's a small tidbit from the article:

Humorous and serious, honest and ultimately real, PKGR provides neutral ground, an environment where any one of us can share our passions, our stories or a little bit of ourselves. PKGR also gives the audience the opportunity to discover the unknown, rethink the familiar and to get lost in the story.

Because when it really comes down to it, life is all about the stories.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Check out the full article here.

PechaKucha in AlKhobar Provides Food for Thought

Sketchbook Magazine has a recap up on the recent Global Night edition of PechaKucha Night Al-Khobar. The night featured speeches from martial artists, entrepreneurs, and designers -- here's a clip referring to activist Mohamed Ali's presentation on refugee camps in Kenya:

Mohamed showed pictures of children writing on tree barks for school, because books were simply unavailable, saying: “We strive to reach our goals, when people in African countries in need strive to live to see the next day. We know from media that African living conditions are harsh, but we wanted to see the truth for ourselves. 

PKN Al-Khobar Vol. 2 took place on September 20, 2013 at the ADC Compound Hall. For the full write-up, check out the article here.

Summer Eve in Cleveland

On a beautiful summer evening in Ohio the latest edition of PKN Cleveland was held, their Vol. 19. A great recap of the event was posted here on YouTube, check it out!

For more video recaps of PechaKucha nights from all over the world, check out the Videos section of the site. 

To see snaps from PechaKucha Nights near you and from all over the world, check out our Global Map.

Argentina's own English-based online news source the Argentina Independent recently featured a recap of PKN Buenos Aires Vol. 29, and had a bit of this to say:

Presenter Natalia Nasep, of Cine en movimiento, an organisation that aims to provide the means and equipment for disadvantaged children to express themselves by making films and documentaries about the world around them, described her experience. “It was difficult, honestly, to choose 20 images to tell the story of our whole project, our process, but after that, we followed through with the point that we wanted to convey with the presentation and it worked out.”

As well as:

Attending a PechaKucha night is the perfect way to jump right into a new city and uncover a dozen different creative projects happening within, meet people, or to just get a quick infusion of inspiration directly into your veins.

I can’t recommend it enough.

Check out the full Argentina Independent article here. (photo credit: BlueVertigo)

Málaga's Vol. 6 is going down today, but their second PechaKucha night (held last September) went off with a bang, and video production studio VisualK has put together a fantastic video from the Vol. 2, which can be found here.

You can find more details, photos, and presenter profiles at PKN Málaga's Vol. 2 event page

To see snaps from PechaKucha Nights near you and from all over the world, check out our Global Map.

On a spring evening in Portugal, PKN Guimarães held their fifth iteration of PechaKucha Night. Portuguese creative motion and video studio Damn Works put together a great video recap of the evening, which can be found here.

As is customary, check out the Guimarães Vol. 5 event page for photos from this soiree. 

To see snaps from PechaKucha Nights near you and from all over the world, check out our Global Map.

From time to time we receive love letters from our friends in Chicago, particularly PKN Chicago organizer and architect Peter Exley.

This time around Peter passed on a great blog-post breakdown on "How to do a PechaKucha" from PKN Chicago Vol. 26 presenter Ryan McRae. Here's an excerpt from his post:

Do not go for flawless—

Go for passion

Go for clean

Go for funny (tread lightly if that is not your thing) 

Go for fascinating

Go for compassionate 

Find the full post here, and read about his first PechaKucha experience here.

A jovial PechaKucha eve in Hamburg was held this past April, with another on the way this July 10 (their Vol. 15)! PKN Hamburg organizer Linda Salicka contacted us with this great video recap covering the Vol. 14 festivities, noting it was put together by their friends at the film production company 27km. As always, check out the photos from this night on the Vol. 14 event page. 

To see snaps from PechaKucha Nights near you and from all over the world, check out our Global Map.

PKN Plzeň Fashion

Tomas Jelinek of PKN Plzen put together this fantastic video as a part of their Vol. 3 event -- worth a gander to be sure!

As always, be sure to check out their event page for some great photos from this event as well.  

To see snaps from PechaKucha Nights near you and from all over the world, check out our Global Map

The PechaKucha format was discussed in an article found in last week's MetroActive. The article not only goes over the basics of the PK 20x20 format, but also quotes PKN San Jose organizer and ex-PowerPoint developer/designer Ric Bretschneider, and recaps the their latest, Vol. 11, which was held on May 16:

The other breath of fresh air was Tracey Ariga. Her unabashed optimism about accessibility, approachability and transparency concluded with her declaring that she just loves San Jose, plain and simple. Thunderous applause followed.

Check out the full article here.