Photo from PKN Orihuela

The new addition to the sliding images on the front page of the site for the coming week is this great shot of a PechaKucha Night in Orihuela.

This week's top image on the front page of the site is this great shot of a presenter in action at the PechaKucha Night series in Edmonton.

Topping the front page this week is a presenter in action at a PechaKucha Night in Valladolid.

Rainy Finale

We recently shared news of Chengdu's first PechaKucha Night, and we couldn't help but share the photo you see from last week's Vol. 2 -- despite rain hitting during the final presentation, the audience stayed until the end.

The PechaKucha network has been growing in China over the past year, and the latest city to join our great big family is Chengdu, which held its very first event last month (pictured here, and it's also the top image of our front page this week), and already has a Vol. 2 scheduled for April.

Photo from PKN Nantes

For this week's update on the front page of the site of sliding images from PechaKucha Nights the world over, we add a photo from one of Nantes' earlier events.

The latest PechaKucha Night in Hong Kong was held in early March, a collaboration with Fotonian Open Studios. Catch the photos from this event in this Facebook gallery, and find out about the presenters from official event page.

Here's a great event report from PKN Tel Aviv organizer Anat Safran on the city's latest event, its PechaKucha Night Vol. 17:

We had another successful PKN here in Tel Aviv! It was vol. 17, and once again we were sold out with 8000 people! Yes, it's crazy. We did 4 rounds over two nights. This stretches the "15 minutes of fame" for our presenters, makes them superstars for two nights.
We had some great presentations: a typographer who invented a font that combines Arabic and Hebrew in the same letter, a great experimental graphic work and a beautiful metaphor of an optimistic future. An artist who is making live animation with low tech means - paper cuts, lights and small camera. A graphic designer with interesting insights about the two biggest daily newspapers in Israel. A couple living in a circus van that uses circus as way of social activism and change by having fun. A comedian who stands on his head in various spots in the world. An artist who's building wooden dolls of all her family members and a model of her childhood house to tell the story of a family tragedy. An amazing vocal artist with a divine voice. A special guest from Berlin who's building crazy smart and useless machines. An illustrator and animator with psychedelic creations that makes you feel like you're on LSD...
We got so many great reactions that made us so proud and happy to be a part of the PechaKucha experience once again.

We have photos from our Global Night 2015 Tokyo event (part of our night of PKNs happening all over the world), and so get a peek at how we celebrated with 400 of our closest friends at the birthplace of PechaKucha, SuperDeluxe.

What a night! This past Friday we had our latest Global Night and we're just now starting to recover. From all the PKNs around the world, to the close to 20-hour online Hangout with city organizers, it was a night to remember. Check the Global Night Channel over the coming weeks for more updates on how things went, as well as presentations that followed the theme of "design in your city."

To the left is a shot of the Hangout from PechaKucha HQ, in the early hours of the morning (Tokyo time), as we chatted with city organizers the world over. Below, our big crowd shot (we had close to 400 in attendance) at our event in Tokyo.