Inspired by the French game “Bagatelle,” Harry Williams is credited with introducing the first coin operated pinball machine in 1931.

For the next 60 years pinball machines were commonplace in America until they were supplanted by video games and redemption machines. Today pinball machines are rarely seen and are usually poorly maintained.

In “Pinball - The Great Resurgence” from PKN Madison, WI Vol.12 Sean Spindler speaks about Madison Pinball, a team of local pinball enthusiasts who are bringing pinball machines to the Madison area so everyone can play with and enjoy these marvelous contraptions!

Making a band means getting lost, building, and fighting evil denizens of space!

Roger Hicks talks about his games and how his life has inspired his games to come to life. In "Banding Together through Games" from some special guerilla-style PechaKucha recordings at Tokyo Game Show 2014, we see that his love of music and getting lost, inspired and encouraged him to keep working on developing games, and meeting new people along the way. 

Where Games are Going (Or Not)

A head-worn device that allows players to feel 3D space through haptics, rich audio, and visuals -- this is the future of games:

Artist, game designer, and UCLA Design|Media Arts professor Eddo Stern discusses a number of the projects he has worked on both personally, and in collaboration with his students.

In "Where Games are Going (Or Not)" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 116, he shows off three projects in varying stages of development: a sensory deprivation game that uses haptic and audio feedback, a role-playing game that involves an audience of players using motion technology, and a hand-drawn game that incorporates elements of theater. 

"Uroboros will be released into the atmosphere, ensuring complete global saturation." Hm, sounds similar to a certain presentation format...

Ever since Special Tactics and Rescue Service team Jill and Chris began investigating the mysterious goings-on around the outskirts of Raccoon City, Alex Aniel has been passionately following their progress.

In "An Infectious Epidemic of a Game" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 115 we get a diehard fan's view into the survival-horror game series Resident Evil (known as Biohazard in Japan). Alex shows off his collection, his experiences, and details the events that got him into the game series.

"We're trying to translate these classical concepts from painting -- a static medium -- to 3D environments..."

Artist, game designer, and author Chris Solarski speaks on the points where video games intersect with classical art, film, and animation.

In "Games as Interactive Art" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 114, he discusses the interactive aspect of games, and how this element fundamentally changes the way we engage with images. 


"There's the question of whether young people want to learn from their teachers ... the answer is probably, 'No.'"

Miriam Verburg is the producer of LongStory, one of the first LGBTQ friendly dating games made specifically for young people.

In "The LongStory: an Online Dating Game for Youth" from PKN Toronto Vol. 29, she discusses why she decided to devote two years of her life to producing a dating game for kids and shows some of the interesting things she learned along the way about creating games about feelings. 

In today's Presentation of the Day, "Game Making Across the Spectrum" from PKN Dundee Vol. 2, game developer Danny Parker speaks of his experiences making his own games since he was a child.

Danny has produced and exhibited his interactive creativity on numerous platforms, from PC to consoles and more recently on mobile devices.