Antarctic Time Travel

“What if [climate change] is all a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing?” -Joel Pett

Exhibition developer and sustainability professional Bec McMaster is fascinated by all things Antarctica. In “Antarctic Time Travel” from PKN Christchurch Vol. 20 Bec shares the process of engaging with some of New Zealand’s leading scientists in order to present past and future climate change in a balanced and empowering manner.

“I learned early on that nothing was wasted and everything was a resource.”

Horticulturist Megan Cook educates us on the concepts and tenets of permaculture. In “Permaculture: A Food Growing Revolution” from PKN Forster Vol. 2, Megan shows us that this design system for creating sustainable human environments that mimic natural ecosystems, and how it can be applied to any space.

"Sometimes singing and dancing, the women tea-pluckers chatter all day."

Juliana Post goes through the long and hard day in the life of a Darjeeling tea leaf-plucker.

As we see in "The Tea Darlings of Darjeeling" from PKN Garrison Vol. 6, most of these plantation workers are women who receive approximately $1.50 for a day's work. Yet, as Juliana points out, the women chatter happily with each other throughout the day. 

Urban farming, rooftop gardens, and sustainable growth are becoming ever-prominent practice in a metropolitan setting.

Advisor at Ooooby James Samuel discusses the unsustainable industrial methods in which food is produced, its impact on the environment, and the resulting low quality products. In "Urban Food Forests" from a special edition of PKN Auckland, he goes into depth on a few projects working to source fresh food for the growing city populations the world over. Oooby provides urban communities with local food, and entrepreneurial individuals the opportunity to join their network. 

Over-heated city streets can be cured with a bit of reforestation. One man in a hot city set out to do just that.

While living in Mexico’s third-largest city, Monterrey, Sergio De Lara noticed a distinct lack of urban forestry, most pointedly during the city’s 50-degree summers. In "Extreme Reforestation", from a special Urban Innovation Happy Hour from PKN Toronto, we see that what began as a small grass-roots collective digging up previously-sealed sidewalk planters grew to a corporate-sponsored non-profit NGO (going by the name Reforestación Extrema) complete with volunteer teams re-foresting parks and city streets all over. 

Have you listened to the breathing of the world's oldest living beings?

Simon Fageus went to great lengths to help give his grandfather a long-forgotten feeling of the forest trekking he used to be able to accomplish. In "The Sound of a Tree" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 113, we see that this led Simon to start on a quest to record the sounds of the oldest trees in the world, first in Sweden, then in Japan.

Auckland is the only city in the world built on a volcanic field. You'd be surprised at the benefits!

In "The Volcanos in our Backyard" from a special Urban Visionaries edition of PKN Auckland, ecologist and photographer Alastair Jamieson speaks on the numerous volcanoes that make up the urban and suburban landscapes of Auckland, as well as how the results of their eruptions have benefited the community over the years. 

When Karen Tam Wu began her work in forest ethics, she never expected to be standing up to the CEO of the Shell Oil Company.

What began with the company setting up three fracking stations near the headwaters in northern British Columbia, became a community-led campaign to stop the oil company from poisoning the groundwater that is so crucial to the surrounding area. In "Protecting a Community, An Ecosystem" from PKN Vancouver Vol.28, hear Karen tell her story of trial and eventual triumph. 

Beautifying the local environment will never go out of style. 

Liv Worsnop is the guardian of Plant Gang, a group that goes to abandoned lots and revitalizes them. In her presentation, "Making Gardening Cool" from PKN Christchurch Vol. 17, Liv speaks on how they clean the disheveled property, plant plants, and turn it into a beautiful zen garden. Plant Gang's popularity is growing and new business opportunities are flowering. Gardening has truly become cool in Christchurch.

"Nature is sensory rich -- it provides serendipitous, ephemeral, and unexpected experiences..."

In today's Presentation of the Day, "Biophilic Engagement" from PKN Fairfield Vol. 2, Mark Petrick goes into depth on the concept of biophilia, which is the love of life, living systems, and the natural world. Mark states that humans unconsciously seek connection with the natural world, and lends credence to the idea that viewing nature has health benefits. He goes on to say that this human desire to be entwined with nature is something that contemporary designers attempt to duplicate.