Charming seaside town Colwyn Bay is under the spotlight in this week's PechaKucha City Focus. Located on the north coast of Wales, UK, Colwyn Bay, which encompasses 6 local communities, is home to around 30,000 residents making it the second-largest settlement in North Wales. Though this town may seem small to some, local organizer Paul Sampson has some BIG creative ideas for his community by collaborating with The Northern Eye International Photography Festival for their very first PechaKucha Night event. How exciting! For more information on the Northern Eye International Photography Festival, check out their homepage here. Good luck, Colwyn Bay team!

"Flowery City" Bandung, Indonesia blooms into view in this week's edition of PechaKucha City Focus. As Indonesia's fourth-largest city, Bandung is also known as the "Paris of Java" for its luxurious hotels, restaurants, cafés, and European boutiques making it not only a hub for luxury and relaxation but multi-cultural creativity as well. As the PechaKucha Night Bandung team prepare for their 24th event, head on over to their event page for more information on what's to come - let's continue to watch their creative community blossom!

Quaint and charming Southwestern US city Bryan, Texas shines under the spotlight in this week's City Focus. Known for their lovely and warm subtropical climate, the city is burning hot with creativity! With their 20th volume coming up this week, let's all celebrate Bryan's creative class around the globe! With so much more creativity to come - be sure to check out their PechaKucha Night City Page for presentations and other cool content. Happy 20th!

Known as the "garden city" of Kazakhstan, we visit the beautiful and bustling city of Shymkent in this week's City Focus. Located in southern Kazakhstan, this ancient city of over 1 million people is filled with scenic parks, nature, and historical architecture that is bound to inspire creatives of the land. With PechaKucha Night Shymkent Vol. 21 coming up around the corner, let's all wish them the absolute best and hope for more bounding creativity to come out of Shymkent.

In this week's City Focus, we traverse to the glowing city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. As Europe's largest port city, Rotterdam is known for its lively riverside life, maritime heritage, modern architecture, and overflowing creativity. With PechaKucha Night Rotterdam Vol. 40 right around the corner, the organizers are busy making this event one of their best yet! Let's all congratulate them on reaching their 40th volume and hope that they continue to cultivate creativity in this wonderful city!


Alluring and picturesque PechaKucha Night city Greenville, South Carolina steals the spotlight in this week's PechaKucha City Focus. Known as one of America's fastest-growing cities, Greenville is not only a wonderful place for budding professionals, it was voted as one of the top three best small cities in the U.S. - Wow! With the gorgeous Falls Park on the Reedy suspension bridge as the center focus in their Vol. 17 poster, the Greenville team shares their hopes to build long-lasting connections between the various areas in their creative community with PechaKucha. Be sure to check out the Greenville city homepage for more information on their upcoming event on September 6th! Be there or be square!

We travel to the United Kingdom's beautiful Leamington Spa in this week's PechaKucha City Focus. Located in the heart of Warwickshire, Leamington Spa has over 50,000 inhabitants who enjoy the town's plentiful natural springs and leisurely atmosphere. Since November 2018, the PechaKucha Night Leamington Spa team has held 4 successful events with their fifth being a special collaboration with the locally celebrated TEDx team - What a wonderful pair! Let's all root for Leamington Spa's star organizer, Sarah Lowry, as she continues her PechaKucha Journey - helping to shine the spotlight on the hidden heroes of her community. Hip-Hip-Hurray for Leamington Spa!

This week, we are traveling in part to an ancient, dried out lakebed to visit Taipei for our City Focus. Home to just under three million residents, Taipei stands as the cultural, political, educational and economic hub of its host country, Taiwan. The city is filled with culture and incredible food, as well as many unique architectural feats like the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and Taipei 101, the former tallest building in the world. The skyline of the city provides breathtaking views in the night like the one pictured here, with lights of all different colors that shine bright for all to see. 

What's more, they are hosting their Vol. 40 event at the end of August on the 31st, you will not want to miss it!

Nestled in a valley overlooked by mountains, Guatemala City bustles as the capital of Guatemala, and we are going to take a trip there for this week's City Focus! With a population of around 2.5 million, the city is the most populous in the entire nation, what's more, it happens to be the largest city in all of Central America. As such, Guatemala City has become the epicenter for many things like economics, communication, and transportation, and is home to a very culturally and ethnically diverse community of people. The city itself is home to many ancient ruins, museums, palaces, and theaters that are all beautiful and historic sites to explore.

The city surely has everything one would need to stay entertained and amazed, but if you are looking for more, they are hosting their Vol. 17 event on the 14th of August, you won't want to miss it!

This weeks City Focus finds us back in the states, taking a closer look at York, Pennsylvania. “The White Rose City” as it is otherwise known brings a very rich and unique history unlike any other in America. Known as an architectural museum for its well preserved historic structures, some dating back to the mid-18th century, York was once the temporary capital of the United States while the Continental Congress drafted the Articles of Confederation there. Adding to the history is the countries oldest fair, the 10-day long York Fair, with roots tracing back to 1765, over 10 years before the nation was founded! Oh wait, there’s more? Yes! If you like Peppermint Patties, you’ll want to definitely visit as the delicious treat was created in the city. 

There is a lot going on within York’s city limits, and to add, they will be hosting their Vol. 12 PechaKucha Night in a few weeks on August 14th! You don’t want to miss it!